Gringo Vegan Dog Food

Gringo Vegan Dog Food

Yet again, Germany is leading the way with a really good product and website – Gringo vegan dog foods. They not only sell Gringo vegan foods on their website, but they appear to sell so many others too. They are the first company we have found that uses hemp protein in their dog foods that we too use in our protein packs. We do think their foods are very balanced and although appear expensive, are worth the money.

Worth having a look if you have a fussy dog who prefers wet tinned food, but be warned – you need to have a small understanding of german (and they are quite expensive)!

Here are some basics to help you navigate their website

Hund – Dog

Der Hanf-Schmaus vegan – The hemp feast vegan food

Trockenfutter – Dry food

Veganes Nassfutter – Vegan wet foods

In den warenkorb – Checkout

just be kind vegan dogs

Just Be Kind Dog Food Ltd
Stapleford Estate Saxby Road
Melton Mowbray LE14 2SB
Reg No: GB208RO 2162
LCC Trading Standards Service

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