Can I Afford A Vegan Diet?

We are here to fully support you Just as with human vegan food, we do worry that vegan dog food may cost more as the ingredients of the food are more expensive. In the UK, meat-based products are so heavily subsidised that 95% of all the dog food made from the...

Homemade Recipes With Supplements

Feed Wholesome Balanced Homemade Recipes As a vet and a Mum and a dog lover, I just knew that I had to get it 100% right when I transitioned our little family dog onto a plant-based diet. Once I knew I had it 100% right for Ruff, only then could I share in the foods...

Nutrients Needed

VEGAN VET ADVICE TO MAKE HOMEMADE PLANT-BASED DOG FOOD   It certainly is possible to homecook for your dog, and is the most cost-effective and nutritious way to feed them……as well as intensifying that wonderful bond that we have with our pets –...
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