Read all about why we changed our formulation for the better to suit ALL dogs!

We formulated our JUST BE KIND supplement in 2021 after intense research to ensure that every valuable mineral, amino acid and vitamin was included so that nothing is lacking when homecooking a plant-based diet for your dog.

Working closely with a pet nutritionist and a vet, we chose to include Brewer’s Yeast in the first formulation due to its high palatability in dogs as well as being very rich in amino acids and Vitamins.

We had hundreds of dogs thoroughly enjoying their homemade balanced foods using our original formulation….but one dog made us rethink our entire composition of our JUST BE KIND formulation.

Labrador and jack russell with bibs

Read Bran the Lurcher’s story below

Gorgeous Lurcher Bran lives with his friend Wayland (shown in the photo) in the beautiful Dorset countryside. They lead an idyllic life as their owner is dedicated to feeding them healthy organic homemade food grown in the garden. She was coping perfectly using our JUST BE KIND supplement diligently, but contacted me to say that she had her concerns.

Everytime she fed Bran the homemade food, he developed red rings around his eyes and his soft muzzle turned bright pink. It really worried her so she tried cutting out various ingredients to see which was causing this reaction until she realised that it was the Brewer’s Yeast in the supplement that he was reacting to.

Lurcher Bran

This really concerned her, as Bran’s owner is fully aware of the dangers of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) which is a genetic heart condition that is very prevalent in deep chested large dogs like Bran. If he wasn’t being supplemented with the correct amounts of Taurine and Methionine to support a healthy heart, he could end up suffering from this condition that shortens his lifespan considerably.

She so badly wanted to supplement the homemade diet, so we changed the entire supplement to suit Bran and all the other dogs out there who could react to Brewer’s Yeast. We removed it from the ingredients in our new formulation and we have made even greater further upgrades.

We have increased the levels of Taurine, l-Carnitine. Methionine and Tryptophan (all those much needed amino acids that are lacking in a plant-based diet in dogs), as well as changing the Calcium/Phosphorus ratio on the advice of our german vet nutritionist to improve the health of your pets.


We are SO excited about these changes as it means that our new formulation is fully hypoallergenic and will enhance the health and energy of your pet…..and the most exciting bit is that the chicory root prebiotic has also been increased so this supplement is very palatable to your pet……and with the higher levels of amino acids, less powder is needed in the food so the packs will last much longer and be far more cost-effective  – our new formulation works out to be only 70p/day for an average 25kg dog being fed a 100% supplemented homemade wholefood plant-based diet!!

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