Vegdog All-In-Veluxe Supplement and Recipes COMING SOON!

We are so excited to not only be the importers of Vegdog Green Crunch to the UK, but we are working with their vet nutritionist Lisa Walther who formulated VEGDOG”s All-In-Veluxe Supplement to produce UK ingredients easy and 100% balanced delicious recipes. We...

We just need to stop eating animals

All the latest news point to one very basic fact – we have to stop eating meat and feeding it to our pets. We have had one pandemic that sources say is most likely to have started in the wet market where live and dead animals were being sold; well the articles...

Interview with Dr Ernie Ward

I have followed vet Dr Ernie Ward for many years, long before he and I even considered a plant-based diet for dogs. My main aim in 2018, was to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in pets that I found I was faced with everyday consulting at my local PDSA charity....

But aren’t dogs carnivores?

Should this beautiful animal change the way we think about our dog’s nutrition? This striking animal shown here in captivity; is a maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) and it is the largest canid in South America.His marks resemble those of foxes, but he is not a...

Barney loves his snuffle blanket

Barney’s Mum Ann knitted and stitched together a wonderful enrichment blanket for him that is easy and quick to make and will provide your dog with something they will love! It is all homemade and the only concerns that Ann has mentioned is that it works better...
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