Spring Supplement Special

*Our Spring Supplement Special!* ​Pre-Brexit prices on VegDog supplement! We have some remaining VegDog All-In-Veluxe supplement in stock and knowing the importance of supplementing when making your dog a homecooked wholefood plant-based diet; we want to fully support...

Plant-Based Dogs Featured On ITV News!

We are just so pleased that the media are finally bringing to light the effects of our pet’s carbon footprint (or pawprint) when eating a meat-based dog food diet. The 2 clips shown below featured on ITV news at 6pm with the different regions being shown...

Bronze Age dogs ate little meat

Just as we learnt in the inspiring Gamechangers Netflix documentary in 2019 how the carbon dating of human bones revealed that the ancient gladiators ate a primarily vegetarian diet for strength; so we found this very relevant article in the April 2021 issue of New...

The most effective Omega 3’s for your dog

Do you want your dog to have super soft fur?Does your dog suffer from itchy, dry skin and sore, irritated ears?Is your elderly dog needing some pain relief for their arthritis and your vet has recommended fish-based pricey Yumove?Are you concerned that your dog with a...

What can go wrong when choosing to homecook?

What can go wrong with homecooking? When we choose to homecook, we have complete control of which ingredients we are choosing and complete reassurance that we are feeding the right thing to our pets – wholesome healthy and nourishing ingredients with no...

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