Are you wanting to make your own dog food but are worried that it may not be balanced? We have delicious recipes that are easy to make and bespoke to your dog using VEGDOG supplement to get it 100% balanced

SOLO Vegetal dry food and vegan dog Ruff


Solo-Vegetal premium dog food is the only plant-based food recommended by vets in the UK so we feel we had to stock it. Why Solo-Vegetal? It is corn free | soya free | non-GMO and VERY tasty (according to Ruff who loves it)!

Green Crunch being eatne by vegan Newfoundland Dora


VEGDOG Green Crunch is a wholesome and delicious complete food for adult dogs with a perfect balance of plant-based nutrients. Loved by all the lucky dogs who have tried it. Why have we chosen Green Crunch?

Do you want help transitioning your dog to a plant-based diet?


heartYou have read the multiple benefits of a plant-based diet in your dog and like one third of the UK pet owning population, you are not quite sure where to start. We are here to fully support you as we feel passionately that a move to a kinder more sustainable way of feeding our dogs is the only way forward for their health and the health of our fragile planet.

heartWe provide informative reviews about all the plant-based products – foods and supplements currently available in the UK. We review new foods as they become available, giving you a full breakdown of their nutrient content.

heartWe sell VEGDOG’s Green Crunch chosen for its delicious taste and high nutrient value and it contains no soya, corn or wheat – just pure natural goodness, and we sell SOLO-VEGETAL premium dog food – the only plant-based food recommended by vets in the UK!

heartWorking closely with VEGDOG’s top veterinary nutritionist, we have produced easy to make and delicious homemade recipes specific to the weight and preferences of your dog. We sell the All-In-Veluxe supplement along with these recipes to ensure that your dog has a 100% balanced diet with ingredients you have chosen for them.

“Thank you so much for giving me the confidence, via your products and website, to change our two dogs Rosie and Cara diet to a vegan one. I started off slowly maybe 2 months ago replacing their normal meat diet and they have both been non meat now for about 4 weeks.
They have also been having been having Green Crunch and some tinned food. They now prefer your homemade recipe to the tinned variety so I am going to continue with Umami and Green Crunch.
Healthwise they appear much the same, their coats though are much finer and soft! ”
Owen in Bristol

“I cannot recommend this food highly enough! This vegan vet really knows her stuff, and the recipes, nutritional info, and protein packs have been so helpful to me and my dogs. They absolutely love the food and their overall health and energy levels have never been better.”
Shirley in Glasgow

“Yes I undoubtedly would recommend this food. The food along with the recipes are so easy to make . My dog loves it. I feel very confident she is getting all that she needs to thrive. This vet is so helpful and knowledgeable I feel very safe in her hands. I wish I had had her advice when I was first transitioning my 30kg dog as it’s quite scary and you only want the best for them. My dog is thriving I’m so glad I came across this wonderful website! Just be kind to your dog other animals and the planet! ”
Zoë in West Sussex

Vegan vet Arielle with plant-based dog Ruff

“As a vet, I believe in a kinder, healthier way to feed our pets that does no damage to our environment, harms no animals and uses fresh, healthy plant-based ingredients for a balanced and delicious diet”


Dr Arielle Griffiths MRCVS Vegan Vet and Ruff vegan family dog 2020
Read more about Arielle…..

Just be kind vegan vet and vegan dog food

just be kindvegan dog food
“You can’t control everything in your dog’s life, but you can control what you feed him. Every cell in your dog’s body is made from the food that goes in their mouths – choose wisely”
Vegan Vet Arielle

“The road to health is paved with good intestines!”
Sherry A. Rogers

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi

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Sweet Breta survived cancer

We asked the top vet oncologist in the country and owner of gorgeous labrador Jumble for her opinion on whether a vegan diet could protect our dogs from cancer


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