A crazy experiment on Channel 5 TV proves that vegan dog poo has no smell as Alexis Conran and vet Arielle Griffiths put it to the test!


How surreal it felt to be featured in a programme on Channel 5 called Britain’s Dog Poo Scandal. It aired in June 2022 and the programme was all about dog poo in the UK (yes if my name is searched in IMDB, I am associated with dog poo which my Dad jokingly says makes him very proud 🙂 )

For me, it was too good an opportunity and a real dream come true to let the nation hear about vegan dog food….even if the main aim of the whole programme was for Alexis to talk about what comes out the other end! Thankfully vegan dog food came out in a very positive light.

Dr Arielle Griffiths and Alexis Conran feature on TV talking about dog poo and vegan dogs

Alexis Conran visits Dr Arielle

Vegan dog poo has no smell in this crazy experiment!

Alexis Conran did confess to having fed his own dog Gelmer a raw food diet in the past. He also tackles very controversial issues and explained how he regularly gets trolled by individuals disagreeing with his topic. I did mention the dangers of environmental contaminants in dog poo of dogs fed a raw food diet, in particular the huge risk of antibacterial resistance that can affect not only raw fed dogs, but their owners and the environment too. I noticed that he failed to show any clips of me saying this (and I said it so many times during the day as it is so important!).

But I guess he had to be respectful of other owner’s decisions and I do feel enormously thankful that vegan dog food did get such a lot of coverage as he could have chosen a raw feeding vet instead of me!!

Alexis Conran's meat-eating dog Gelmer vs Ruff vegan dog belonging to Arielle Griffiths showing that vegan dog poo does not smell!

It was a happy day and what a huge positive to end on as Gelmer is now fed a vegan diet….yes Alexis Conran now buys his own dog Gelmer Solo Vegetal instead of his normal meat-based food that he was having – you could not get more positive than that and it gives us, our dog’s health, and our future environmental health such hope!

Hi Arielle,

Lovely to hear from you. Yes, absolutely go ahead and put it on your website.
Gelmer is very happy. He also gets plant-based cooked food from Butternut Box and he seems to be doing fine. He does get the occasional bit of meat/ fish and chicken but he’s pretty much meat free 80%. I find this keeps him very happy.
All the best to you,
just be kind vegan dogs