Like you, we love our little family dog Ruff more than we can imagine. He is our rock throughout lockdown and as a family of vets (mum and dad) and our children a vegan pharmacist, a vegetarian medical student, a vegetarian sport’s scientist and a vegan teenager; we all want the best for him. As a family, we care deeply about doing what is best not just for our pets, but for our future planet too as we emerge from the pandemic caring more deeply about our natural world and working towards David Attenborough’s mission statement.

As Germany is far more advanced with plant-based feeding in dogs compared to the UK; we feel quite humbled and very fortunate to work with the 2 top vet nutritionists in Germany to bring you balanced plant-based recipes using supplements formulated by these veterinary nutritionists who like us are passionate about plant-based feeding in dogs and getting it 100% right.

But nutrition is not everything, we also appreciate that our own little Ruff needs to love his food…….and my goodness he does! He goes mad for the homemade food we make for him, he just loves the all the dry complete foods that we sell on our site, and he adores the homemade Umameo treats that we make for him. He flies into the house after a walk to literally hoover down his food and this is what we find the most satisfying as a family!

We had to get it 100% right for our own little Ruff, and we want to share all our nutrition knowledge, dry foods we feed Ruff, and homemade balanced family recipes with you…..


Our Green Paws Package with 5kgs Solo-Vegetal, 2kgs Green Crunch, 500g All-In-Veluxe Supplement, 280g V-Complete supplement, 2 tins Pauline complete, high nutrient Umameo dog treats, 1 sprouting jar and sprouting seeds + 5 homemade tailormade recipes

“Yes I undoubtedly would recommend this package. The food along with the recipes are so easy to make . My dog loves it. I feel very confident she is getting all that she needs to thrive. This vet is so helpful and knowledgeable I feel very safe in her hands. I wish I had had her advice when I was first transitioning my 30kg dog as it’s quite scary and you only want the best for them. My dog Dora is thriving I’m so glad I came across this wonderful website! Just be kind to your dog other animals and the planet!”

Zoë, West Sussex

Dora's Owner

heart Along with the input from the 2 top veterinary nutritionists, we are here to fully support you in turning your dog onto a 100% plant-based diet. Everything about the foods and treats we offer is right – it is healthy, balanced, kind, sustainable, affordable and most importantly…..irresistible to your dog!

Our FULL GREEN PAWS PACKAGE offers you the perfect start to a future healthy lifetime of plant-based feeding in your dog.
For £147.50 + VAT,  ALL of this is included –


6 homemade easy recipes

These recipes are tailormade to YOUR OWN DOG according to their size and breed or specific requirements. The calculations are worked out by our top 2 vet nutritionists to be 100% balanced for YOUR OWN DOG and can be used for the lifetime of your dog so you know that you are getting it right from the start


One tub of 500g VegDog supplement

The All-In-Veluxe supplement is essential to replace all nutrients lacking in a plant-based diet such as Vit B, Zinc, Taurine, L-Carnitine and Calcium. The recipes supplied tell you the exact amounts of supplement to add specific to your dog


One tub of 280g V-Complete supplement

The Very Complete Recipe that we provide that is tailormade to your dog, is balanced and healthy and also our most cost-effective recipe that you can make if you are concerned about the future cost of plant-based feeding the best diet to your dog. You will have this recipe for the life of your dog


5kgs Solo-Vegetal

Solo-Vegetal premium complete dog food is the only plant-based dog food recommended by vets and veterinary dermatologists in the UK. It is a complete food full of non GMO soya and corn-free premium ingredients and it is very palatable. The 5kg bag that we send would feed a 15kg dog for 3 weeks


2kgs Green Crunch

Green Crunch’s tasty small biscuits are made up of lentils, sweet potatoes and peas that provide the essential healthy proteins. Added algae oil contains the necessary Omega-3 and-6 fatty acids that contribute to a soft coat and healthy skin, and these small, complete biscuits are particularly palatable to even the fussiest dog!


Sprouting Jar and Seeds

One of our homemade recipes includes sprouted lentils – the healthiest way to eat lentils (for us and our pets). We are making it easy for you to try The Supersprouts Recipe on your dog (we know they will like it!) by including 1 sprouting jar with seeds and instructions for use


2 tins Pauline

Your Green Paws Pack includes 2 tins of complete food made by Vegan4Dogs – it is a very palatable wet food, but is also very wholesome and nutritious


High Nutrient Umameo Treats

Our artisan bakery makes a limited amount of very high-nutrient dog treats. They are packed full of nutrients needed for dogs on a plant-based diet such as nutritional yeast, marine phytoplankton, Vit B12, taurine, organic oats and tahini to be irresistible to your dog. We include a pack exclusively for your dog!


Free subscription to recipes

Not only does this Green Paws Package offer you all of the above, but we also offer you a free lifetime subscription to the Green Paws pages on our website where you can view the recipes and we advise on the best and most cost-effective places to source your plant-based foods and supplements, or you can order the food and supplements from us should you need any foods in a hurry. We are here to support you 100% of the way


“I cannot recommend this package highly enough! This vegan vet really knows her stuff, and the recipes, nutritional info, and foods have been so helpful to me and my dogs. They absolutely love the food and their overall health and energy levels have never been better.”

Shirley, Glasgow

Hank's Owner

“We’re delighted to have transitioned our two rescue greyhounds (overnight!) onto a plant based diet thanks to Arielle, Vegan Vet. We obtained the package and starting with our first recipe, our dogs loved everything. We now have a supply of food and supplements, we’re enjoying making the food and thrilled to watch April and June eating their meals with enthusiasm and licking their bowls clean. We are so grateful to have found Vegan Vet and to have a professional fully embrace this lifestyle will hopefully bring credibility and encourage other professionals to investigate this compassionate option. Thank you!”

Cathy, Helensburgh

April and June's Owner

” I just wanted to let you know that yesterday was Jeffrey, Peggy and Betty’s first full vegan day.
They all seem to really enjoy their Green Crunch, I also add some homemade food for variation.
Not a runny poo in sight and the dreaded occasional ‘bum smell’ from anal glands seems to have disappeared too. The photo shows the 3 of them, heads down, bums up, even Jeffrey (the fawn one) who is as picky as they come!”

Sandra, County Durham

Jeffrey, Betty and Peggy's Mum

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