Like you, we love our little family dog Ruff more than we can imagine. He has been our rock throughout the pandemic, and as a family of vets (mum and dad) and professional vegan/vegetarian children, we all want the best for him. As a family, we care deeply about doing what is best not just for our pets, but for our future planet too as we emerge from the pandemic caring more deeply about our natural world and working towards David Attenborough’s mission statement.

The top foods that we have chosen to feed Ruff (all taste tested by him) are the best vegan foods available and each one is 100% complete with all the extra nutrients needed including Taurine and l-Carnitine for heart health, Vit D3 for a healthy immunity, and the amino acid Methionine for urinary tract health.
(If you wanted to cook 100% balanced homemade food, then please see our homemade recipes.).

Please note that the samples below are for ADULT DOGS ONLY. If you have a puppy then please see our plant-based puppy page.


heartWhich Top Foods Do We Advise?

solo-vegetal tins

Solo-Vegetal Premium tinned dog food

White and red peas 20%, carrots, peas 10%, potatoes 10%, lentils, sunflower vegetable oil, pea protein, minerals (including Taurine and Methionine), dry pineapple stem extract 0.01%

Only plant-based food sold by vet practices in the UK as marketed for dogs with protein allergies – it contains premium ingredients and is very palatable and highly recommended  – WHEAT FREE | CORN FREE | SOYA FREE AND PLANT-BASED VIT D3.

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hownd vegan superfood tins made of quinoa and pumpkin

Hownd Hearty Quinoa and Pumpkin Casserole

Pumpkin (15%), Quinoa (4%), Lentils, Oat Flakes, Pea Protein, Hemp Protein (2.5%), Sunflower Oil, Lupins, Brewer’s Yeast (1%), Moringa (1%), Blueberries, Beetroot, Minerals, Seaweed, Dried Potato. UK based ethical company and launched in UK in February 2021.
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solo vegetal


Micronised rice, potato and pea protein, white oats and hulled oats, einkorn wheat, buckwheat, spelt, vegetable oils and fats (including evening primrose oil and borage oil), potato flakes, dried beet pulp and chicory, isolated vegetable protein, hydrolysed vegetable proteins, wheatgerm, micronised dried carob flour, dry brewer’s yeast, minerals, flaxseed, dried carrots, tomatoes, apples, spinach and medicinal herbs, fructo-oligosaccharides, yeast hydrolysates.
Only plant-based food sold by vet practices in the UK as marketed for dogs with protein allergies – it contains premium ingredients and is very palatable and highly recommended  – NO SOYA AND NO CORN AND PLANT-BASED VIT D3.
Purchase  from Just be Kind if needed in a hurry
Purchase directly for large quantities from Vetruus who own Virtual Vetderms (1 week’s delivery)
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Hownd Plant-Powered Superfood

No GMO, No soya, No wheat, No fillers, No additives, No preservatives, No artificial colours or flavours, cruelty free (Full composition available at launch)
100% plant-based ethical company all UK based and highly recommended (does contain corn but has plant-based Vit D3)
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noochy poochy

Noochy Poochy

Organic soybeans, organic pea protein concentrate, organic brown rice, oats, rice protein, sweet potato, chickpeas, dried potato, lentils, minerals, nutritional yeast (3%), rapeseed oil, olive oil, linseed, dried carrot, dried tomato, hemp oil, mixed herbs, dried chicory, Yucca.
We are happy to support another vegan vet based in the UK who has formulated her own plant-based food. The biscuits are 28% protein, small and very palatable. There is the valuable addition of methionine, taurine and l-carnitine, but please be aware that this food is not 100% vegan as the Vit D3 source is from sheep’s wool, so it is vegetarian.
Purchase from Noochy Poochy directly with 20% off your first purchase
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Greta complete vegan dog food from Vegan4Dogs

Greta from Vegan4Dogs

Rice (from certified organic cultivation 24%), Potatoes (23%), Pea Protein (9,5%), Canola Oil, Potato Protein, Lentils, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Carrots, Brewer’s Yeast, Banana Meal, Beetroot, Monocalcium Phosphate, Seaweed Calcium, Cranberries, Sea Salt, Marjoram, Savory, Tomato Powder, Lovage, Seaweed Meal, Horse Chestnut, Papaya Leaves, Fructooligosaccharides, Schizochytrium Limacinum (rich in Omega 3)
100% plant-based company in Germany with NO wheat, corn, soya, preservatives and Vit D3 derived from pure plant sources. Highly recommended and smells delicious!
Purchase from Vegan4Dogs in Germany and under a week’s delivery
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Umameos logo

Umameo Homemade Superfood Treats

Organic Hemp Protein Powder, Organic Oatbran, Ground Almonds, JUST BE KIND supplement made of Brewer’s Yeast with added Taurine, L-Carnitine, Methionine, Vits B12, Zinc and Pre and Probiotics, Tahini, Oat milk, Goji Berries
We make these high nutrient homemade biscuits sent to you in sustainable packaging to see if your dog likes our plant-based treats
Our ingredients are so expensive to provide top quality, that we only sell the protein packs for you to make the treats yourself for your dog (it is therapeutic!)
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heartTry the top foods available for just £15 to see if your dog likes them


“He absolutely loves the food, by the way. His relationship with food has completely changed (there’s a lot more begging for food now, which we’ve never really known!), he’s rarely sick and the shuddering which suggested some GI discomfort has completely stopped. He maintains his weight well now and looks in great condition, so thank you. Looking forward to our next delivery of Solo-Vegetal.”

Gareth, Birmingham

Baxter's Owner

“He absolutely loves the new Hownd Quinoa casserole tins. He has only been plant-based for 9 months, but he is thriving!”

Terry, Worthing

Pepe's Owner

“Marx really liked Benevo but after months of itching and infections, I worked out he had an allergy. The only common denominator in the kibble that was new to him was soya. So, I’m trying him on Greta that you recommended and I have to say that when I opening the bag, he was drooling! He absolutely inhaled it when I gave it to him and it even smells good to me! I’m back to mostly cooking for him again (and his allergies have disappeared within three weeks) but it is great to have this food in the cupboard for staying with friends and emergencies”

Beth, Norwich

Marx's Owner

” I just wanted to let you know that yesterday was Jeffrey, Peggy and Betty’s first full vegan day.
They all seem to really enjoy their dry food, I also add some homemade food for variation.
Not a runny poo in sight and the dreaded occasional ‘bum smell’ from anal glands seems to have disappeared too. The photo shows the 3 of them, heads down, bums up, even Jeffrey (the fawn one) who is as picky as they come!”

Sandra, County Durham

Jeffrey, Betty and Peggy's Mum

vegan dog food supplement
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