The Pack Oven-Bake Biscuits

The Pack Oven Bake

In September 2023, The Pack launched the very first vegan oven bake biscuits. They are made from quality ingredients and include peanut butter as one of the ingredients. This makes them very palatable (our own dog has tried them and loves them), but they have the highest fat level of all the plant-based foods out there at 14% with the addition of peanut butter. Ideal if your dog is very fussy, but not ideal for dogs prone to pancreatitis or obesity.

We will be selling sample packs of their food on Just be Kind if you wanted to try your dog with this food, but we cannot stock full bags as they are very expensive. They make ideal treat bags as so nutritious, so we will have these available for your dogs.


The Pack tinned vegan food

The pack plant-based food

We are so pleased that yet another plant-based balanced food launched in September 2021 – The Pack! There are 3 recipes to choose from with really great branding –

No-Fishy Dishy

No-Moo Ragu

No-Cluck Casserole

With the amount of backing they seem to have achieved from all their sponsors, we see a company like THE PACK, really launch plant-based feeding in the UK so we are delighted about this!

We LOVE their advertising as shown below –

just be kind vegan dogs