Barking Heads Plant-Powered Pooches

Barking Heads plant-powered pooches

Barking Heads Plant-Powered Pooches came onto the market in March 2021. Barking Heads has developed this food along the same lines as Lily’s Kitchen Vegan Rainbow Stew. They are a big company and seeing Lily’s Kitchen turn to plant-based dog food, they obviously realised that there was a gap in the market for it.

We do however, NOT recommend this food! Barking Heads is a very non-sustainable business with 98% high meat-based foods and treats, as well as lots of flashy plastic branded packaging that we so badly need to move away from, especially with our pets.

They have jumped on the bandwagon of using the term ‘plant-powered’ and ‘meat-free Mondays’ instead of mentioning vegan and balanced; as their food is NOT vegan as it contains egg white.

It is also very expensive, so no, we do not recommend this new Barking Heads brand unfortunately.

just be kind vegan dogs

Just Be Kind Dog Food Ltd
Stapleford Estate Saxby Road
Melton Mowbray LE14 2SB
Reg No: GB208RO 2162
LCC Trading Standards Service

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