Omni food is another exciting new brand recently launched in the UK by vet Guy Sandelowsky and his team. He is passionate about plant-based feeding and his new food is proving very popular already.

Their food is currently vegetarian, not vegan due to lanolin (sheep’s wool) used as a Vit D3 source, but they are working hard to get the premix companies in the UK who supply pet food manufacturers with mixes of vitamins and minerals, to be able to add lichen derived Vit D3 rather than lanolin. It is so good to have professionals fighting this corner of the market as once the rulings of testing pet foods change and they are able to add plant-based Vit D3 to pet foods, we will see so many more new companies starting!


Potato protein, pea starch, hi-protein soya, brown rice, dried yeasts, sweet potato, oats, peas, pea protein, carrot flakes, rapeseed oil, hydrolysed vegetables, lentils, sunflower oil, minerals, micro algae, blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin, vitamins and minerals

Analytical Constituents:
Not yet known

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