Omni tinned food

Omni tinned dog food

OMNI food is a brand that launched in the UK in 2021 by London based vet Guy Sandelowsky and making up the team is also Shiv Sivakumar. They are passionate about plant-based feeding and OMNI is proving very popular with sales soaring in 2022 after a 1.3 million euro investment in their company in 2021!

They have also been able to launch OMNI puppy (30% protein and higher in fat than adult OMNI).

OMNI has chosen soya as a source of protein in their food so not to be used if your dog has any form of soya intolerance and this would show as very soft faeces in your dog or itching. Due to their funding, they are able to sell the food at a reasonable price, as well as market the food heavily which makes them very popular.

Omni dry food

Potato protein, pea starch, soya, brown rice, dried yeasts, sweet potato, oats, peas, pea protein, carrot flakes, rapeseed oil, hydrolysed vegetables, lentils, sunflower oil, minerals, micro algae, blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin, vitamins and minerals


Omni tinned food

In September 2023, Omni launched a tinned food that they promote as being highly palatable with ‘meat-like chunks’. Their tinned food contains soya protein, wheat flour, cornflour and barley sugars so not ideal for any dogs with intolerances to these ingredients. Sensitive dogs may also react to the use of GMO soya and the very high protein level of this food. On a dry matter basis, their protein level works out to be 51% protein which is exceptionally high and could effect dogs with any kidney concerns or sensitivites to protein.


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