Due to overwhelming demand for Vegdog’s Green Crunch, we are thrilled to announce that we have it in stock!
It ticks all the boxes for being one of the most delicious and suitable of all the plant-based hypoallergenic diets as it is the only food that is SOYA FREE | WHEAT FREE | ANTIOXIDANT RICH | OMEGA 3 RICH | SMALL FLAT SIZE SO IDEAL FOR ANY SIZE DOG!


We promote and highly recommend Vegdog’s Green Crunch as it is made up of lentils, sweet potatoes and peas that provide the essential healthy proteins. Added algae oil contains the necessary Omega-3 and-6 fatty acids that contribute to a soft coat and healthy skin; and the addition of an adapted mineral powder, provides the vital nutrients for a healthy heart, such as Vitamin B12, D3, Taurine and L-carnitine.

Vitamin-packed fruit and vegetables such as pumpkin, carrots and blueberries, provide large amounts of natural Vitamins A, C and E while also being high in fibre to support a balanced gut microbiome for immune-boosting qualities. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants and all contribute to a very palatable and fully hypoallergenic balanced food for your lucky plant-based dog.


Watch the video of gorgeous Labrador Roxy who has just received her very first bag of Green Crunch. She has never tasted a plant-based food before and her Mum Fiona is delighted with how much she loves it!

green crunch 5kgs

Green Crunch from Vegdog


From raw to plant-based – see how much Poppy loves Green Crunch!

Sweetest Bruce – look at the delight in his eyes when he sees what has arrived!

“We are slowly transitioning Lhotse, a five year old small fiercely independent Cairn Terrier, to Green Crunch, and she loves it.
She normally goes for new food wholeheartedly for a few weeks, then gets a bit of an upset tummy one day (probably from eating something in the garden rather than her food giving her a problem!) and won’t touch whatever she’s been eating ever again.
The same has happened as we’ve transitioned her, but she keeps coming back to her Green Crunch every meal. She also has changed temperament – she is calmer overall – and has a lovely soft coat. Her poos are much less horrible smelling!”
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VEGDOG GREEN CRUNCH is balanced for adult dogs of any size. It is not suitable for puppies and lactating bitches, as they have greater energy and nutrient requirements

VEGDOG is free from colourants, flavourants, fillers and preservatives and is of course cruelty free and not tested on any animals (except VEGDOG’s own healthy dogs) as well as being fully hypoallergenic and grain free!

Green Crunch kibblesThe individual pellets are small and flat, so that smaller dogs can enjoy this food to their hearts’ content. The food can be mixed in with homemade plant-based food to provide a delicious balanced crunch for larger dogs, or they can be added to Kongs or activity mats to encourage foraging – ideal mental stimulation for your pet.

They make perfect training treats as they are non-greasy and are even edible to humans so can be kept safely in your pocket on walks!

29% lentils, 28.9% peas, 16.9% sweet potatoes, pea protein, rapeseed oil, carob, sunflower oil, linseed, minerals, brewer’s yeast extract hydrolysed, carrot, dried seaweed, 0.1% blueberries, pumpkin


Crude protein 24.8%, crude fat 9.7%, crude fibre 3.2%, crude ash 4.0%, moisture 8.2%, calcium 0.61%, phosphorus 0.49%, Ca:P 1.2:1 (calcium/phosphorus ratio)

Calorie content: 348 kcal/ 1.46MJ convertible energy per 100g feed


Vitamin A (3a672a) 13,300 IU; Vitamin D3 (3a671) 1,520 IU; Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 57 µg; Calcium D-pantothenate (3a841) 19 mg; L-Carnitine (3a910) 250 mg; Taurine (3a370) 999 mg; Methionine 5.1 g; Iron (iron glycine) (3b108) 2.85 mg; Copper as Glycine Copper Chelate Hydrate (3b413) 2.85 mg; Zinc as zinc oxide (3b603) 47.5 mg; Selenium as sodium selenite (E8) 0.19 mg; Iodine as calcium iodate anhydrous (3b202) 1.24 mg


Store in a cool, dark place. For best before date, see date on package.


Recommended daily amount in grams (approximation – to be adjusted according to circumstances and factors such as breed, activity levels, exercise, season and neutered).  These recommended daily amounts are guide values only and can vary depending on the requirements of each individual dog.


5 kg 75 – 115 g
10 kg 120 – 190 g
20 kg 200 – 310 g
30 kg 290 – 430 g
40 kg 350 – 550 g
50 kg 420 – 650 g

Please ensure that you change your dog’s food slowly over a period of 3 weeks. Gradually reduce the amount of food that they are used to and replace the amount with VEGDOG biscuits. With nutrition-sensitive dogs, you should allow them a little more time (at least 4 weeks) so transition them more slowly.

Please note that in the first few weeks after the changeover, there may be a change in the amount and quality of the faeces as well as increased gas formation. However, after the changeover period, this should happen less and less and after a few more weeks it should not happen at all.
Please always provide fresh water for your dog.

Just be kind plant-based vegan dog food