We Review Vegan Dog Foods In The UK

We want the best for your dog, so we have reviewed all the vegan dog foods that are available in the UK. This section will be updated regularly to keep with the trends as new foods and products become available. Our aims are ones of kindness towards not only our pets and livestock, but towards our environment.

With this in mind, we also have to consider the carbon footprint of the foods we feed our pets – local and fresh is always best! We hope that by one dog at a time turning to a healthier plant-based diet will encourage local companies to produce more for us so that we do not have to import our plant-based dog foods from abroad. We also hope that they will consider their packaging and move towards more ethical, sustainable packaging with their foods as we have done with our choices and as some of the companies have achieved as shown below. We also look at the most sustainable and nutritious ingredients of each of the foods.

Just be kind vegan dog food
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