Edgard & Cooper Dry Dog Food

Edgard & Cooper dry dog food

Edgard Cooper Apple and Eucalyptus Oil Edgard & Cooper are a young new company making high meat-based dog foods with strong colourful advertising. They produced a really good vegan dental chew in 2020 which does seem very popular and is made of apple and eucalyptus.

In September 2021, they added a plant-based dry food option to their very meat-based menu.

They have 2 new flavours Crispy carrot & courgette, and Crunchy beetroot & pumpkin. They mention a ‘vegetarian broth’ in the ingredients so please note that these are not vegan dog food diets.

We are so pleased however that meat-based dog food companies are all starting to offer a plant-based option – all so positive for the future of plant-based feeding in our dogs!

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