Butternut Box vs DoGood Fresh Vegan Dog Food

Butternut box plant-based food is not vegan

We are so pleased that in May 2022, Butternut Box finally added a plant-based option to their fresh food menus. Butternut Box is the largest of the freshly made dog food companies in the UK that choose only the ‘carefully selected human-quality ingredients every time’ according to their website, such as ‘tender beef’, ‘succulent chicken’, ‘white fish’, ‘juicy pork’ and ‘aromatic lamb’.

How these ingredients have worried us in this climate emergency that we find ourselves in, where instead of choosing the more recyclable ‘by-products’ of the meat industry; they are choosing to use human-grade meats and fish and giving a very small dog the same carbon footprint as an adult human (as even a person would not eat fresh meat and fish with every meal) – this also means that SO many more animals and fish are killed to feed our pets.

When they finally introduced a plant-based option to their menu, we were delighted as it means that hopefully their ethics will change and the owners that they are supplying  will begin to choose a kinder, more sustainable way to feed their dogs.

As a company that is driven to sell dog food rather than consider the ethics of what they are doing, they have not taken into account every aspect of the supply chain that can be damaging to the environment. Like raw food companies; all their fresh foods are packaged in non-sustainable and non-recyclable plastic (as shown in the image above), which means that everyday, an owner would be ‘throwing away’ at least 2 plastic containers when feeding their dog! (We mention ‘throwing away’ as we all know that our packaging and waste has to go somewhere and we all fear the worst which is that our plastic waste ends up in our fragile vulnerable oceans as shown on Blue Planet).

In September 2023, we heard that they have received a staggering eye-watering amount of £280million in investment to spread into Europe and beyond. We so hope that a large portion of this funding will go towards promoting their plant-based food more as one of the 2 Directors who started Butternut Box is vegetarian!


How does Butternut Box Plant-Based compare to DoGood Vegan Fresh Food?

Steve and his team at DoGood have been able to achieve what Butternut Box have not been able to  – a 100% balanced vegan dog food diet made with the healthiest freshest plant-based ingredients, the correct nutritional analysis of ingredients and additional nutrients in 3 delicious recipes. Not only have they achieved a 100% fresh vegan dog food, but everything about DoGood is ethical right down to the sustainable carefully thought out packaging as described here –

We put sustainability at the heart of our business – we base all of our decisions on whether they contribute towards a sustainable circular economy. This affects our choices on every little detail such as what inks we use on our cardboard sleeves, what tape we use to seal our boxes, to whether the cardboard itself has come from a sustainable source.

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