Hownd Quinoa and Pumpkin Casserole

hownd vegan superfood tins made of quinoa and pumpkin

Hownd Pumpkin and Quinoa Casserole tins apparently took 2 years to develop and came onto the market in February 2021 and is highly recommended.

We commend this very ethical UK-based company for their choice of ingredients choosing corn free and soya free ingredients but making sure to include superfood ingredients such as quinoa, hemp protein and seaweed to ensure a high amount of healthy Omega 3’s.

They have been very careful to ensure that they have algae-based Vit D3 as well as including l-Carnitine and Taurine in their ingredients (lacking in Lily’s Kitchen Rainbow Stew) which is so important for adequate heart health in your dog.

Pumpkin (15%), Quinoa (4%), Lentils, Oat Flakes, Pea Protein, Hemp Protein (2.5%), Sunflower Oil, Lupins, Brewer’s Yeast (1%), Moringa (1%), Blueberries, Beetroot, Minerals, Seaweed, Dried Potato.

Hownd Pumpkin and Quinoa Casserole is recommended above Lily’s Kitchen Rainbow Stew for its nutritional value and worth subscribing to get a discount with your first order.

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