8 years vegan and like a puppy!

We want you to share in the journey of Ruby, Isla and Molly – 3 dogs who have been on a vegan dog food diet for 8 years +! Molly the Shi-Tzu had a complete change in character at one point – she became aggressive quite suddenly and was eventually referred...

25% Discount on our JUST BE KIND Supplement in May!

With everything going up in price recently, we are SO passionate about supporting you fully with feeding your dog a healthy balanced plant-based diet, that we have REDUCED the already very reasonably priced high quality JUST BE KIND Supplement that we use on our own...

How a vegan diet saved Buddy the Bulldog’s life

I had such an awful time, so I’m happy to share my experience to help others. It’s such a terrible place to be in, I’ve never felt so stressed and helpless. From the vet being so concerned that they thought he would eventually have to be put down, he...
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