Do dogs on a vegan diet live longer?

An inspiring example of a 100% plant-based dog is that of Bramble, a 25-year-old Border Collie whose wholesome diet of organic brown rice, red lentils, vegetables, and some additional ingredients like yeast extract and herbs earned her a place in the Guinness Book of...

Top Vegan Dog Dental Chews

We all know the importance of dental health; and choosing to feed your dog plant-based is one step to ensuring that they have both healthy teeth and gums. Any painful gum infections or tartar build up can impact so much on your dog’s overall quality of life, but...

Rupert had crystals from eating Benevo

Rupert is a gorgeous 5 year old Cockapoo who according to his owner is highly intelligent, very active and a very happy dog (with the shiniest coat we have ever seen). His owner started him at the age of 13 weeks on a 100% plant-based diet. He has eaten Benevo dry and...

New Year’s Intentions

It is always best to start a new year making intentions, rather than resolutions. If we break our resolutions (as we all seem to do after a few weeks or even days), we are left feeling guilty and angry with ourselves. This year, we need to be extra kind to ourselves,...

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