“Well so much for me thinking that this will be so useful as a back-up to my home cooking. I have never seen such a manic reaction from two lazy dogs, Joe took them out for their walk this am and I had their meal waiting for them when they got home, they must have smelled the food as they came through the front door and the two of them raced through the hall into the kitchen nearly knocking me over, they scoffed Give a Dog a Bean as if this was the first meal they’ve had in a long time.

I wish you could have been here to see them, it really was hilarious they were like dogs possessed, licking their bowls then swapping bowls.

Unbelievable, the last time they’ve run like this must have been when they were racing😂😂 Joe told me that I’d better get some more Give a Dog a Bean ordered – done!”
– Cathy