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JUST BE KIND supplement 3 for 2 offer**We are now selling our new improved formulation with extra amino acids and fully hypoallergenic!**

JUST BE KIND has been formulated by vets and nutritionists to be fully FEDIAF compliant if made using our recommended recipes. It contains the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids that are essential for dogs fed a purely plant-based diet. This ensures that the homemade recipes that we provide are fully balanced with all the important B Vitamins as well as Calcium, Taurine, L-Carnitine, Methionine, Zinc and the required amino acids and minerals that are lacking in a plant-based diet.

JUST BE KIND supplement is free from artificial additives, colourants and preservatives and has the addition of valuable pre and probiotics to support a healthy digestion in your dog.

Minerals, Chicory root extract (as a source of prebiotic fructooligosaccharide), Yeast products (as a source of prebiotic mannooligosaccharide), Bacillus velezensis (as a source of probiotic), Rapeseed oil

Crude Protein 26%, Crude Fat 1%, Crude fibre 1%, Crude Ash 34%, Calcium 6.6%, Phosphorus 4.8%, Sodium 1.1%

Vitamin A 40000IU, Vitamin E 400mg, Vitamin B1 109mg, Riboflavin 100mg, Vitamin B6 20mg, Vitamin B12 1000µg, Niacin 200mg, Calcium pantothenate 100mg, Folic acid 20mg, Biotin 400µg, L-Carnitine 31250mg, Choline chloride 26667mg, Iodine 10mg, Selenium  2mg, Copper 30mg, Zinc 400mg, Manganese 40mg, Iron 200mg, L-Lysine monohydrochloride 7000mg, DL-Methionine 150000mg, L-Threonine 15000mg, Taurine 31250mg, L-Tryptophan 31000mg, L-Valine 10000mg, Gut Flora Stabiliser: Bacillus velezensis (DSM 15544) 2×1011 CFU.

Homemade dog food advice vegan vet

Advice on how to homecook safely and easily


Toy breeds (up to 5kg) 2g/day (2.5ml or ½ tsp)
Small breeds (5 – 10kg) 8g/day (10ml or 2 tsp)
Medium breeds (10 – 20kg) 10g/day (12.5ml or 2 ½ tsp)
Large Breeds (20 – 40kg) 18g/day (20ml or 4 tsp)
Giant breeds (40+ kg) 28g/day (30ml or 2 tbsp)

Feed the required amount mixed into your dog’s cooled cooked food. Split the required amount equally over each portion if batch cooking.



**YOU CAN BE SO PROUD TO HAVE CHOSEN PLANT-BASED FOR YOUR DOG AND FOR OUR PLANET. We reward you for homecooking by adding 50 biodegradable good quality tie handle poo bags to every order!**

Biodegradable poo bagsJUST BE KIND want to congratulate you with our extra strong robust quality tie-handle 100% biodegradable poo bags that remind you each time your dog goes to the toilet that NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED – YAY…….AND YOUR DOG WILL HAVE ONE OF THE HEALTHIEST ODOURLESS POOS AROUND!!


PLEASE NOTE – We regret that we cannot post to any countries outside the UK

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