Our Homemade Family Recipes

So why have we produced these 4 new recipes formulated by a german vet nutritionist for 100% accuracy to follow the FEDIAF guidelines, and then carefully adapted for maximum palatability by Dr Arielle and taste-tested by family dog Ruff?  We have chosen over 30 colourful and vibrant plant proteins to feed your dog’s gut microbiome so that they in turn look after your dog’s health!

If you are really worried about getting it wrong and not including enough calcium, Vit B, Vit D3, taurine, l-carnitine, Omega 3, and getting the balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats wrong, then these recipes are for you. You can batch cook to make it easier and we have provided some measurements to guide you. If you really wanted 100% accuracy for the weight of your dog, then we can help with that too and we can provide the tailormade exact amounts to feed your dog here.
Well done choosing wholefood plant-based for your dog – it requires an enormous commitment, but will provide your dog with a wholefood diet that they will love!


THE Secret Behind Home Cooking For Your Dog

We are so fully aware of the benefits of looking after our own gut health and feeding the good gut bacteria, but did you know that it is exactly the same in our dogs? We have published papers (as we all love the proven science), showing the “Role of Phytonutrients in Canine Health” and the importance of feeding the rainbow and how the “Microbiome Biodiversity Promotes Skin Health in Dogs”

We have a reminder in this published study that our dogs are not wolves and have a completely different gut microbiome, and how dogs fed a raw meat diet end up with dysbiosis ie the growth of too many bad bacteria in the gut.

So why have we produced these 4 new recipes formulated by a german vet nutritionist for 100% accuracy, and then carefully adapted for maximum palatability by Dr Arielle and taste-tested by family dog Ruff?  We have chosen over 30 colourful and vibrant ingredients to feed your dog’s gut microbiome so that they in turn look after your dog’s health! Our Omega 6 to Omega 3 using pure EPA and DHA rich Vegetology Algae oil as our Omega 3 source; has been formulated to be the best ratio of every possible dog food out there with a ratio of 1:1! (No other dog food has a ratio this good!)

How can you make it even better? Add in our GOLD DUST Joint Supplement to the recipes below to provide your dog with not only all the protein and nutrients that they need in the fresh ingredients and extra supplements; but we add in every nutrient needed to maintain healthy joints and extra vibrant anti-oxidants in Boswellia and Turmeric – perfect for your dog to add in extra joint protection and anti-oxidants for their health!


The secret of plant-based feeding of dogs
It's all about the gut

“Being a bad dog mum has meant Nora has been on dry food for two months now (I’m blaming work, illness 😳) instead of her home cooked. Anyway, I made it a priority to get some cooked for her this weekend and the change in her again is incredible!
I know I’m probably being anthropomorphic but honestly, she is sooo much happier!! Even down to the way she greets me when I get in from work, jumping up, wanting to play, etc. In a way, I’m glad I stopped for a bit because it has reaffirmed how much better EVERYTHING about Nora is on home cooked food!
That is a massive win – home cooked plant based food leads to happier dogs!!

Read more about sweet rescue Nora here….
Sheila, Yorkshire
Nora’s Mum

“I so enjoy homecooking for Luna and I think you can tell from this photo that she loves it 🙂 “

Lindsey, Uppingham

Luna's Owner

“Thank you Arielle for leading the way and supporting me and my dog’s vegan diet, as a vegan it makes me feel so happy that I no longer have to feed my beautiful dog Cali meat, she loves her home cooked food and I enjoy cooking it…
Your knowledge and kindness and personal investment has been key to our success
Thank you so much “


Cali's Owner


No questions are too basic or ‘silly’ as some owners have said. These are some questions asked by owners that will hopefully help you –

Why does everything get mashed or blended once it is cooked?

The secret to homecooking a plant-based diet, is to make sure that everything is well cooked and blended. Dogs have shorter digestive tracts than we do and they do not chew their food like we do – some owners describe their dogs as ‘hoovering’ their food! For this reason, by blending everything, it ensures that your dog can get the maximum nutrition from the food.

It is possible to bake most of our recipes which is better for fussier dogs as it gives them something to bite into and it makes the food tastier. See the video below that shows the baking stage –

The Just be Kind supplement must not be added to the cooking or even the hot food as this destroys the valuable vitamins.

Always add the supplement at the end along with the oil and fresh herbs to make a ‘nutrient rich icing’ that you either mix into the cooled cooked food, or add it as a topping or as a filler if making ‘sandwiches’ with the baked food. We advise batch cooking to make it easy and practical for you to feed plant-based homemade long term.


It is so important when homecooking for your dog, to weigh all the ingredients and get the balance just right as every weight of dog has a different requirement. The reason for this is that a Chihuahua has a much greater surface area relative to its size than a Great Dane for example, so this means a higher protein requirement (as a higher surface area means more protein-requiring fur).

Together with the a top vet nutritionist in Germany, we have done all the calculations for you. Just follow our family recipes and use the correct amount of supplement, and you will have certainty that you are feeding a 100% balanced plant-based and highly nutritious (and delicious!) home-cooked diet.

Can I mix the dry biscuits with the wet homemade food?

Absolutely and it will make the homemade food last longer. The quantities you are weighing will be the same, but if half the daily ration is made of dry biscuits mixed into the homemade food, it will last twice as long.

We do advise using the top recommended and balanced dry foods – TRY SAMPLES OF THE TOP FOODS

What is the best Algae oil to use?

We highly recommend Vegetology Algae Oil in a bottle that complements the JUST BE KIND Supplement perfectly as it contains not only pure Omega 3’s but also Vit D3. It is also very palatable to your dog and no fishy breath!

What are the best Omega 6 oils to use?

Sunflower oil (or rapeseed oil) has the highest amount of linoleic acid that is essential to our dogs so it is the oil of choice for your dog to obtain their vital Omega 6’s. Our recipes also use sesame oil also for its high Omega 6 content, and dogs find sesame oil particularly palatable!

I have a number of dogs of different weights - how do I measure accurately?

We advise cooking in batches for dogs that are of similar weights  – cook for them together and if you have a number of small dogs, cook for them separately to the large dogs. We appreciate that it will not be 100% accurate, but makes it more manageable for you with a number of dogs.
Our most cost-effective recipe to make where you can buy the ingredients in bulk, would be our Plant Powered Feast (also one of our tastiest)

“Byron just had some homemade food, he loved it, keeps going back and licking his very empty bowl!”

Stacey, Hitchin

Byron's Owner

“Yes I undoubtedly would recommend this food. The recipes are so easy to make . My dog loves it. I feel very confident she is getting all that she needs to thrive. This vet is so helpful and knowledgeable I feel very safe in her hands. I wish I had had her advice when I was first transitioning my 30kg dog as it’s quite scary and you only want the best for them. My dog is thriving I’m so glad I came across this wonderful website!”

Zoë, West Sussex

Dora's Owner

“We’re delighted to have transitioned our two rescue greyhounds (overnight!) onto a plant based diet thanks to Arielle, Vegan Vet. We obtained the supplements together with the recipes and we’re enjoying making the food and thrilled to watch April and June eating their meals with enthusiasm and licking their bowls clean. We are so grateful to have found a vegan vet and to have a professional fully embrace this lifestyle will hopefully bring credibility and encourage other professionals to investigate this compassionate option. Thank you!”

Cathy, Helensburgh

April and June's Owner

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