heart As a vet, I have an enormously soft spot for our elderly dogs. One minute they are young and full of energy and the next minute they seem to suddenly have grey patches over their eyebrows and we have to stop on walks and let them sniff the hedgerows for ages. Dogs can thrive on a nutritionally complete and balanced plant-based diet. Research has shown that plant-based pet food diets can be supremely health protective. A leading study by vet Dr Andrew Knight, linked plant-based diets to decreased incidences of cancer and infections, as well as seeing regression in arthritis, cataract resolution, healthier teeth and gums, reduced eye discharge and other health-related benefits.

Having lower incidence of illness can improve a dog’s longevity and provide them with a better quality of life, especially as they get older.

Dr Sarah Dodd is a board certified veterinary nutritionist and vet and her groundbreaking studies  have shown that dogs on a nutritionally complete vegan dog food diet could live up to 18 months longer than a dog fed a meat-based diet!

Plant-based diets also contain a number of antioxidants that protect the cells in the body. Beta-carotene is a natural antioxidant found in bright orange sweet potato, blueberries and fresh carrots for example. Humans on a plant-based diet can add 10 years to their life, and exactly the same can be applied to our dogs with their much shorter lifespan!

Just be kind vegan vet and vegan dog food


heart We give much much more advice with home cooking and supplementing the diet of elderly dogs in the very first Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Course.

An inspiring example of a 100% plant-based dog is that of Bramble, a 25-year-old Border Collie whose wholesome diet of organic brown rice, red lentils, vegetables, and some additional ingredients like yeast extract and herbs earned her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest living dog in 2002!

Bramble’s owner is Anne Heritage – a devoted animal lover growing up in the South West of England in the 60’s. Read her remarkable story here.

Bramble the vegan dog who wanted to live forever

In her words she not only had Bramble, but “I’ve had seven dogs – three of them lived to 19-years-old, one lived to 20-years-old (a German Shepherd), and then Bramble lived to 25-years-old.”

This is remarkable and can definitely be attributed to a life dedicated to feeding a healthy plant-based natural diet as well as the freedom of exercise and kindness.

We should all aim for this……and it IS achievable as we all want our most loyal companions to live as long and as healthily as possible.

Just be kind vegan vet and vegan dog food