My entire aim as a vegan vet, has been to promote plant-based feeding in dogs. I see it as the only sustainable way forward to own a dog and the simplest way to ensure that your loved pet receives all the nutrients that they need in a fresh, wholesome and very kind way.

The only way I could justify promoting a plant-based diet, was to get it 100% right for our family dog Ruff. My husband is also a vet and like 99% of the vets in the UK; extremely sceptical that firstly Ruff would like it and secondly that I could get it balanced.

Vegan dog Ruff licking the tasty homemade plant-based food

It took a year to find the perfect balance of homemade food, dry food that he just loves and treats that quite honestly, he is addicted to (when we bake the Umameo treats, he won’t leave the kitchen!) My husband is won over, but sadly those 99% of the vets in the UK are not, and this is why I as a vet, Mum and concerned pet owner; have set up this website –


I want your vet to be amazed at how Bonnie’s skin allergy has cleared up and her skin is so much softer after just a few weeks of a fully hypoallergenic plant-based diet; or how Ruby has finally shifted those extra pounds and she has her energy and bounce again; or how dear old Bella’s vision has vastly improved since starting on a plant-based diet as the amount of fresh folates from all the greens she is getting have positively impacted her eyesight and now her quality of life. There are so many positives to mention, but I want YOUR wonderful healthy and happy and thriving plant-based dogs to be the proof to vets that it can be done and it DOES benefit not only our fragile planet but ALL your dogs out there lucky enough to be fed this diet.

Only by convincing vets that it is the way forward, will we together have any success as plant-based feeders of ensuring that it becomes the ‘norm’ and a very viable and superior option to feeding our dogs.

………..but in order to have the confidence to tell your vet that the changes they are noticing that are impacting so positively on their pet’s health are not due to the latest medication that they have given, but actually down to your choice of plant-based feeding – both homemade and dry biscuits, you need to have credibility.

To tell your vet that your dog has turned vegan as you’ve bought a book and are following Facebook advice on how to feed them is sadly a red rag to your vet.

The only way to convince your vet and get them on your side, is to tell them that you have made the decision to change your dog onto a fully hypoallergenic plant-based diet (try not to use the term vegan at all as most people stop listening after hearing the ‘v’ word sadly). The word vegan represents deprivation and what has been removed from the diet (which in the case of dogs is meat that most vets cannot accept yet(!)

Let them know that you have looked into it seriously and you have your dog’s homemade diet 100% balanced by a veterinary nutritionist using a supplement, recipes and food all managed by a vet  – everything you will be getting from us.  We want to fully support you in everyway. Use the words ‘plant-based’, sustainability and wholefoods which all show how much has been added to ensure this 100% balance.

And this is where I say a very big thank you to all you wonderful owners for helping me to spread the message as just by convincing your vet, the seeds of positive change will be implemented and your vet will then begin recommending it to the next allergic, overweight or elderly dog that they see!

Arielle Griffiths MRCVS

just be kind vegan dogs
We feature on BBC Live!

We feature on BBC Live!

The more we feature and spread our message, the greater the impact we will have with promoting the healthiest and certainly the kindest way to feed our pets today and in the future!

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