Our Potty about Polenta Family Recipe

As long as you weigh everything, you will have it 100% balanced. We can send you the exact amounts to make for your dog’s weight – our recipes makes enough for 6 days, 3 days or 2 days.

Polenta combined with textured soya protein is a winning combination to provide all the essential amino acids as explained below. This is our most cost-effective recipe and ideal for larger dogs or fussy dogs as it is so tasty and the ingredients can be easily purchased in bulk!


Potty about polenta recipe


Cooked ingredients


Nutrient rich ‘icing’


Cooking Instructions:

• Soak textured soya protein for an hour prior to cooking.
• Chop the spring greens, courgette and broccoli (spinach, kale, green beans, asparagus etc can be substituted)
• Roughly chop carrots and add everything to the pot
• Cover with water and boil on the hob for 50 minutes
• Drain the remaining nutrient rich water and add the dry polenta with a squeeze of tomato paste and leave to absorb the remaining boiling nutrient rich water. Add some more hot water if not enough and boil and stir for 15 minutes.
• Mash or blend all ingredients well and combine so that the food has a fairly firm consistency. If you prefer, the food can be baked for 30 minutes on a lined tray and cut into sections to make it even more palatable (although this combination of ingredients is very palatable already to dogs)


Nutrient rich icing:

• Cut the tip off the algae capsule and squeeze out the contents
• Add the sunflower oil and ground almonds
• Weigh or measure the JUST BE KIND supplement needed
• Chop some fresh parsley and mint and add to the mixture
• Mix together with a little oat milk or almond milk to form a paste
• ONLY WHEN COMPLETELY COOLED, ice the top of the cooked food
• Place in biodegradable packaging or containers to freeze or refrigerate for each day’s use

Defrost overnight to feed in the morning to your dog.

Why is our Potty about Polenta Recipe so well balanced to provide all the amino acids needed?

Polenta or maize protein is deficient in lysine and tryptophan but has fair amounts of sulphur-containing amino acids (methionine and cystine). On the other hand, the protein of food legumes (soya protein) is a relatively rich source of lysine and tryptophan but is low in sulphur amino acids (Bressani and Elías, 1974).

Polenta has a rich sweet taste and is very palatable to all dogs as they can smell this sweetness which makes this recipe particularly palatable.

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