DoGood Fresh Nutritionally Complete Food


We are just thrilled that in July 2021, the UK’s very first fresh plant-powered homemade foods launched. You just choose your flavour and there are 3 delicious recipes to choose from including –

Buckwheat and Squash

Chickpea and Pumpkin

Quinoa and Sweet Potato

We are so impressed with the fact that Steve and his team have been able to achieve what others have struggled with  – a 100% balanced plant-based dog food diet made with no soya, the correct nutritional analysis of ingredients and additional nutrients such as Taurine, L-Carnitine and DL-Methionine as well as plant-based Vit D3.

If you do not have time to homecook for your dog and you want them to eat a fully balanced plant-based fresh wholefood diet, then definitely choose DoGood! They are a gamechanger for feeding our pets in the UK and just ideal for owners with dogs with food sensitivities as they have been careful to exclude all the top allergens that our dogs react to – definitely worth supporting this ethical and local new independent UK based company!

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