Such wise words from millenial Mum to Bilbo and Frodo the Cockapoo and Cavachonpoo –

“My choices to feed my dogs vegan were due to my ethics. I did not want my dogs to eat another animal just as I have chosen not to eat animals. What difference is there feeding a cow, sheep or another dog to your own dog – they are all sentient beings? My choices are also based on health and I would have never chosen this route if Bilbo and Frodo were not going to benefit from the food, but with your guidance they are thriving…and they love their Solo Vegetal!”

Bilbo and Frodo vegan Cockapoos
Such wise words and what a wonderful role model for young people out there wanting to also feed their dogs sustainably, kindly and in keeping with all their ethics as our dogs become part of our family.

Listen to her wise words and meet the gorgeous Bilbo and Frodo below –

just be kind vegan dogs
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