Meet the most beautiful Loki the Vizsla who in his owner’s words ‘gives the most amazing hugs’ – see the video below with his wonderful Mum – we all need a Loki in our lives!

I bought some Give A Dog A Bean for Loki, and he absolutely loves it. He’s on Solo Vegetal, as I’ve always been a dry food feeder for convenience, but he goes absolutely nuts for your Give A Dog A Bean! I’ve been putting it in his kongs too and freezing them. He literally blisses out when he’s got one of these as a treat!
– Michelle and Loki


Vizsla Loki eating Give A Dog A Bean from his red Kong

heartWhy is licking from a kong so good for dogs?

The choice that Loki’s Mum made to freeze the food and add it to the kong is a perfect way to calm and keep him occupied. When dogs lick and lick at something, it releases dopamine which is the calming hormone.
Give A Dog A Bean is also full of natural vegetables and ingredients to enhance Loki’s gut microbiome and ensure that the good gut bacteria are happy. Did you know that the gut bacteria produce 80% of the serotonin in the body from the amino acid Tryptophan? No wonder Loki looks so content in the photo!

Vegan Vizsla Loki as a pup
Vegan Vizsla Loki in snow
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