“I just wanted to let you know about our experience with Gold Dust Power Duo”

– Lisa Mum to Inca and Digger

I have two black Labradors, Inca and Digger. They are brother and sister from the same litter and are 6 years old. Digger was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia at 5 months and had to have cruciate ligament surgery. Inca was diagnosed at 12 months with elbow and hip dysplasia, allergies to meat, poultry, game and fish, and more recently epilepsy.

We have given them both synoquin as a joint supplement, but this contains pork. I’m not sure I saw any positive benefits, but thought it might be worse if we stopped it.

Just over a week ago I began giving Inca the GOLD DUST Power Duo…..


By day three she seemed to move a little more easily and jumped around in the park a lot more.
By day five, she was bounding up the stairs, seems calmer and her ear inflammation seems to be reducing.
Currently, she seems to have more energy, there is a lot less stiffness in her hips (the main issue for her joints) and able to move more freely.

I simply cannot believe this!

I have now begun to give this to Digger and also seeing some positives, but he’s only had this for three days! I just wanted to thank you, as this is wonderful for Inca in particular.

We manage her symptoms with medication, physio and hydrotherapy and a vegetarian diet (Solo Vegetal, which they love). This makes life just a bit easier and more enjoyable for my fur baby, who is the kindest, most gentle dog I have ever known.

She deserves the best chance to enjoy her life, and Just be Kind GOLD DUST Power Duo makes it a little more possible. Thank you.

Inca and Digger

GOLD DUST Dog Joint Supplement

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