Beautiful Bruno and Ruby are Bernese Mountain Dogs

“Bruno and Ruby are both the most loving and gentle dogs! They are always by my side! When they sit down next to me, or might I say next to anyone, they sit on your foot and rest their backs against your leg! 😍 I think this is a trait of the breed, very special, They are also amazing with babies and children.
I forgot to tell you how much they love the Solo Vegetal food – I will order some more very shortly!

Thank you so much for all your care and support. They do so well on a vegan diet, I just wish others would be brave enough to make the step for the good of all animals and our planet, it would really make a world of difference so to speak.

Do you know that Bruno is 11 years old now and he has outlived all of his littermates on his vegan diet!

Bernese Mountain Dogs Bruno and Ruby with 5kg bags of premium vegan dog food Solo Vegetal

“As a vet, I believe in a kinder, healthier way to feed our pets that does no damage to our environment, harms no animals and uses fresh, healthy plant-based ingredients for a balanced and delicious diet”

Arielle Vegan Vet

“If nobody changes then nothing changes but if somebody changes then everything changes!”

Arielle Vegan Vet

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