With everything going up in price recently, we are SO passionate about supporting you fully with feeding your dog a healthy balanced plant-based diet, that we have REDUCED the already very reasonably priced high quality JUST BE KIND Supplement that we use on our own family dog!

*Instead of paying £36.50 for 3 sachets or 750g of Supplement, DURING THE WHOLE MONTH OF MAY, YOU PAY JUST £27.37!*

We are so conscious that you want to get it 100% right for your dog and feed the top foods that we recommend, but we are fully aware that they are expensive….and some dogs can only  eat the soya free grain free foods that we stock.

Vegan dog Frank the Golden Retriever and his homemade food with JUST BE KIND Supplement in his mouth

heartHow to make a vegan diet affordable

Charlie Chops the rescue Labrador absolutely loves his Solo Vegetal food and Greta, and his Mum just wants to do the best for him but is finding it hard to keep his weight down (as yes dogs can  put on weight on a plant-based diet when it is so palatable:), but equally she finds feeding him all  his meals with the foods expensive.

SHE HAS THE IDEAL SOLUTION!…… Charlie is fed 50% of his diet as the foods he loves – Solo Vegetal, Greta or Green Crunch, and 50% as homemade vegetables that you would possibly cook for yourself in the day, with the addition of some JUST BE KIND Supplement to ensure that nothing is then lacking from his diet. He absolutely LOVES this as shown in the video below and it makes feeding Charlie such a high quality daily vegan dog food diet affordable! 

Vegan Labrador Charlie looking down at Solo Vegetal tins and Greta

heartMaybe you want to only homecook for your dog?

“The homebaked meals are so wonderful and easy to make and we cook for ourselves everyday so why not cook for our little ones as well? Marble particularly loves the Terrific Tofu and Turmeric Recipe”
Read more about Marble and her homecooked meals here


Marble's Owner

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