Prettiest little Whippet Marble has such a dedicated and inspiring Mum who homecooks for her.

In her words – “The issue of taking away that carbon-footprint from Marble and turning her plant-based was just so enticing and knowing it would benefit her health…it was a no-brainer.

The homebaked meals are so wonderful and easy to make and we cook for ourselves everyday so why not cook for our little ones as well?

We sent you a photo of her with her head in a saucepan as she just loves the recipes SO much! Her favourite homemade recipe is Tofu and Turmeric”

What good taste Marble has as our Terrific Tofu and Turmeric homemade recipe is so full of protein and valuable natural anti-inflammatories with the addition of not only turmeric but also the purest form of Omega 3’s from Algae oil.

“She has so much energy with being plant-based – it is boundless! The food we cook with is the food we cook anyway and buy for ourselves from our local greengrocer – we buy as much colour as possible”

just be kind vegan dogs
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