heart In 2009, Brown and colleagues at the University of New England in Australia, studied 12 sprint-racing Siberian Huskies who were fed either a commercial diet recommended for active dogs, or a meat-free diet formulated to have exactly the same amount of nutrients.

This was the first study of its kind using highly active working sled dogs to show if a plant-based diet was safe and as effective as a meat-based dog food diet. These diets comprised their sole nutrient intake for 16 weeks, which included 10 weeks of competitive racing.

vegan siberian huskies racing

Their results were astounding and conclusive – regular veterinary checks and blood tests were performed before and after the 16 week period. All dogs remained in excellent physical condition with normal blood results throughout!

Their written proof as shown in the article below quotes – “No dogs in the present study developed anaemia. On the contrary, erythrocyte counts and Hb (Haemoglobin) values increased significantly over time (P,0·01) in both groups of dogs. The present study is the first to demonstrate that a carefully balanced meat-free diet can maintain normal haematological values in exercising dogs.”

This was the first published paper showing that a plant-based diet was certainly possible in not only our pets, but also in working sled dogs who are possibly one of the most athletic of all dog breeds with the intense running and pulling that they do in often sub-zero temperatures.

heartWhat about our own dogs 13 years later, how have these studies affected our thinking?

Akira the 1 year old Siberian Husky fits in with his millenial Dad’s ethical and very active lifestyle. From being raw fed at first, to now having been on a 100% balanced plant-based diet of Solo Vegetal mixed with homemade food for the last year, the health implications for Akira are enormous.

He runs a few miles a day with his ‘family’ and with the whole family being so sporty, a natural and healthy plant-based diet is shown to be advantageous to athletes. Hear the very wise words of Akira’s millenial Dad in the link below – how we love his ethics –  it gives us such hope for the future!

Vegan siberian husky
Mac’s story is equally as inspiring. Mac is a Shepsky (German Shepherd/Husky) who had to go onto a 100% gentle plant-based diet due to his very sensitive digestion. He lives with his best friend Mika (a Belgian Shepherd X) and together, they lead the happiest of lives in the Scottish Highlands as their Mum regularly takes them bikejoring – something that they all just love!

The whole family is vegan and thriving on this healthy, kind lifestyle that fits in perfectly with the added bonus of being one of the best for their active hobbies.

Mac going bikejoring in Scottish Highlands
Letty was a scared and traumatised puppy found sleeping in a graveyard who has gone on to lead the most idyllic life as a healthy plant-based dog. She arrived late in the evening as a terrified and exhausted rescue puppy and she took to a plant-based diet straight away.

In her Mum’s words (as explained in the link below), the plant-based diet that she thrives on, has resulted in her ‘insane muscle tone’ and her incredible speed. She leads such a healthy and incredibly active happy life where she cannot understand why her ‘friends’ just cannot keep up with her. She is a true plant-powered athlete!

Vegan dog Letty jumping over a stand
just be kind vegan dogs
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