Akira the 1 year old Siberian Husky fits in with his millenial Dad’s ethical and very active lifestyle. From being raw fed, to now having been on a 100% balanced plant-based diet of Solo Vegetal mixed with homemade food for the last year, the health implications for Akira are enormous.

He runs a few miles a day with his ‘family’ and with the whole family being so sporty, a natural and healthy plant-based diet is shown to be advantageous to athletes.

The very first studies on plant-based feeding of dogs was actually done on racing Siberian Huskies which is the first published proof that a plant-based diet was certainly possible in not only our pets, but also in working sled dogs. Akira and his Irish Terrier friend Ted are proof of a healthy active lifestyle enhanced by the benefits of eating a balanced plant-based diet.

Hear the very wise words of Akira’s millenial Dad below – how we love his ethics –  it gives us such hope for the future!

Vegan Siberian Husky Akira
Vegan Siberian Husky Akira and vegan Irish Terrier Ted
just be kind vegan dogs
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