Three-year-old Mac the Shepsky (@mactheshepsky) is another dog who has benefited hugely from a plant-based diet.  His story as told by his Mum from the Scottish Highlands is told with such sincerity and warmth in the video below.

In her words – “Mac had been severely ill with chronic gastroenteritis from the age of six months old and was on a raw diet, which I believe created his problems. He was such an energetic boy and had really good appetite,” his mum Linda says fondly in a melodic Scottish accent. “One day, he just stopped eating. We were told that it was hereditary and he would never get rid of it. He was vomiting green bile twice a week. I was plant-based and looked into that option for Mac.

Specialists laughed at me when I suggested this, but I kept researching, supported by our vet. It was a real turning point for us when we found Dr Arielle; I felt like I had won the lottery. She helped tailor a plant-based diet just for Mac taking into consideration his condition, age and activity levels and now I can walk into our vet with confidence about his food plan.

Gorgeous boy Mac the Shepsky

Mac was two when we switched to plant-based and things just settled down and we haven’t looked back. He has the odd flare up that needs medication, but we have gone for periods of seven months with no medication at all.

Overall, going plant-based has produced massive positive changes for him. He is super active; he doesn’t lack energy and is a very happy boy who now loves his food.”

Listen to Mac’s heartwarming journey below –

Shepsky Mac
Vegan dog Mac going bikejoring
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