heartThanks to so much wonderful support, we ran a successful Crowdfunding page in April 2020 to raise funds to get our food fully nutritionally analysed to benefit your pets. One of the rewards was supporting the lovely Nía Ní Gréine who single-handedly runs the Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary. It is a sanctuary that is completely reliant on the support of people’s kindness and even more so with the current pandemic and lockdown.

In Nia’s words:

For those who don’t know me yet, I take care of the 22 (mostly) gentle souls who are currently part of the family:

3 cows, 3 bullocks, 2 blind heifers, 2 thoroughbred mares in foster, two Irish Cob geldings, two Shetland ponies, four sheep, two Staffies – one of which, Donn, has only recently been rescued from severe neglect and abuse and still needs a lot of tlc, and two cats. Many of the animals have special needs.

Donn and Río from Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary

We posted Nía her first donated batch of Umami protein packs to try the high-nutrient treats on Donn and Río and here was her reply –

“Thank you so so much, goodness, such a huge parcel, just got it from my kind DPD delivery guy, I’m speechless! You’re incredible, thank you with all my heart! I will bake a set of treats tonight – Donn and Río will certainly go crazy for them, I will post some photos if they let me take pictures, haha! Gosh that’s amazing, you’re truly incredible. Hope you and all yours are safe and well! Will let you know as soon as the boys have tried them!

Donn has pulled the pack off the counter before I could even start preparing them, and ate half of it as is! It’s of course still an effect of him having been starved for so long, but it clearly shows he loves the mix. He doesn’t do that with bread, for example.”


With your help by subscribing and buying our products, we will continue to support Nía, Donn and Río with monthly free supplement – thank you!

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