When it comes to sustainability in our food choices to ensure a healthier environment and body, the proof is out there that a plant-based diet is the choice of the future. *

It is shown to be the healthiest not just for the planet, but also for our longevity. A homemade plant-based diet made of non GMO unrefined grains, fruit, vegetables and nuts ensures a longer healthier and happier life – exactly what we want for our pets!

The diagrams below are fascinating and taken from a very recent study on the environmental and health impacts of eating red meat, fish and dairy – please take a look at the statistics below…….

chickens and dog
Sustainability of a plant-based diet
Sustainability of a plant-based diet
just be kind vegan dogs
Never use the word VEGAN!

Never use the word VEGAN!

Only by convincing vets that it is the way forward, will we together have any success as plant-based feeders of ensuring that it becomes a very viable and superior option to feeding our dogs

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