We want you to share in the journey of Ruby, Isla and Molly – 3 dogs who have been on a vegan dog food diet for 8 years +!

Molly the Shi-Tzu had a complete change in character at one point – she became aggressive quite suddenly and was eventually referred following many tests and biopsies and it was found that she suffered from ulcers in her stomach and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). She was put onto a vet recommended hypoallergenic non-vegan diet and she lost so much weight. It was a very difficult time for the whole family.

Her Mum decided to change her to Solo Vegetal and even after just 2 weeks “She was a different dog – she was just SO much happier and we feel like we’ve got our dog back.” The aggression disappeared and the whole family noticed the change in her – listen to her remarkable story below.

Ruby Isla and Molly vegan dogs
Ruby Griffon Bruxellois vegan dog
Molly Shi Tzu vegan dog who had IBD
just be kind vegan dogs
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