Pru the pretty Cockapoo was originally on a raw food diet. In her Mum’s words – “I really didn’t like the raw bloody meat in the fridge – I just found it all revolting and I saw an article about bacteria in raw meat and how it can be dangerous to animals as well as us.”

When Pru transitioned to Solo Vegetal tinned food, her Mum felt that it wasn’t enough for her so she decided to try homemade meals. Being retired, she found it very easy as she had the time and realised that she had all the ingredients that she needed in her store cupboard, and she batch cooks for Pru.

Pru’s ‘really scoffs her food’ and her particular favourite is the I-Veg Feed The Rainbow Recipe but she has not turned her nose up at any of them. Her Mum was concerned that the recipes make different quantities but that is the secret to homecooking is to vary the recipes to ensure different quantities as well as different levels of nutrients in each recipe to get a perfect balance.

Cockapoo Pru with a christmas hat

Listen to her Mum’s words (although apologies for a poor internet connection) where she ‘recommends the transition to any other dogs that were raw fed.’

Vegan Cockapoo
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