Our i-Veg Feed the Rainbow Family Recipe

As long as you weigh everything, you will have it 100% balanced. We have worked out exactly how much your dog needs – please see tables below. Depending on your dog’s weight, our recipe makes enough for 6 days, 3 days or 2 days.




feed the Rainbow recipe ingredients


Cooked ingredients each carefully weighed out in grams specific to your dog

  • Tinned red kidney beans and tinned cannellini beans
  • Chopped sweet potato, kale, cabbage & button mushrooms and apple (can be added grated and raw at the end if prefer)
  • Dry green and red lentils (best to soak 24 hours prior to cooking)
  • Brown rice – dry weight
  • Oats – dry weight


Nutrient rich ‘icing’ also carefully weighed out in grams

Why use a pressure cooker?

We advise the purchase of an 8 litre instant pot pressure cooker as it makes cooking a large batch of homemade food for your pet just so quick and easy. A large normal cooking pot on the hob can also be used
Top tips when first using a pressure cooker

1. Wash the steel inner pot before first using the pressure cooker and remove any leaflets from inside the pot

2. When adding all the vegetables and almond milk to the pot, ensure that the contents of the pot never goes above the MAX 2/3 mark clearly shown on the inside of the pot

3. Make sure that the lid is locked in place with the 2 arrows lined up. Plug it in and it will play a little jingle when the lid is locked in place

4. Set the knob to sealing (pushed away from you) and you will see that the floating valve is depressed to start

5. Press the pressure cooker button on bottom right and just use the + and – buttons to set the timer to 10 minutes

6. You will see that it registers ON and nothing will happen for about 20 minutes while the pot heats up the contents. There will be a release of steam from the sealed valve – do not panic – it is quite noisy and will only last a few minutes. Do not touch anything

7. If it flashes ‘burn’, then press cancel and carefully switch the knob to venting mode so that it releases the pressure. Check that there is no burnt food or liquid stuck to the inner pot which has caused it to overheat

8. Once the pot reaches the correct temperature, it will begin the pressure cooking for the 10 minutes and will show a countdown

9. When this countdown is complete, it starts to count up as steam is slowly released. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then using either the yellow plastic end of the spoon that came with the pot, or a cloth, set the knob to venting mode to release the steam. When the floating valve goes down again and the hissing of steam has stopped, it is safe to open

10. Remove the inner pot once cooked to fully mash or blend the food on a solid surface

11. Keep pressure cookers away from children and pets at all times

Example of I-Pot Pressure Cooker on Amazon

*Disclaimer – JUST BE KIND cannot be held responsible for any injures sustained in your home with the use of a pressure cooker.


Cooking Instructions:

• Weigh out the drained and rinsed beans and dry rice and add to the pot together with pre-soaked lentils (weigh day before and soak for 24 hrs)
• Chop the weighed amounts of sweet potato (no skin), cabbage, button mushrooms and kale & chopped apple (combined weight)
• Remove woody stems from the kale
• Add all vegetables to the pot
• Cover with water and boil for 50 minutes on the hob or 10 minutes in a pressure cooker
• Mash or blend well once cooked after draining nutrient rich water into a separate container
• Add the required amount of dry oats to the nutrient rich boiled water to absorb it. Then combine the mashed food with the oats so that the food has a fairly firm consistency
• Bake on a lined tray in the oven for 30-45 minutes depending on how much of a crunch you want your dog to have


Nutrient rich icing:

• Cut the tip off the algae capsule and squeeze out the contents
• Weigh out the sunflower oil or rapeseed oil
• Weigh or measure out the coconut and JUST BE KIND supplement
• Grate an apple with the skin (no pips) and add to supplement mixture if you have not added it to the cooked mixture
• No quantities are given for the peanut butter as some dogs love it and others do not. If your dog is slightly heavy, then restrict the amount added, if lean and your dog loves it, add slightly more to form a paste
• Mix together with a little oat milk to form a paste
• ONLY WHEN COMPLETELY COOLED, ice the top of the cooked food on the tray and cut into portions
• Place in biodegradable packaging or containers to freeze or refrigerate for each day’s use

Defrost overnight to feed in the morning to your dog.

If cooking large quantities or for fussier dogs

If you are cooking for a large dog or a number of dogs, it is advisable to omit the baking of the food in the recipe shown above to make it easier for you. This means that you will be feeding the food once it has been boiled and blended or mashed together.

As some dogs do not like the consistency of mashed food (similar to the consistency of mushy peas), to make it more palatable, we advise adding in AGAR AGAR powder that gives the food a slimy consistency, like tinned dog food. It is a healthy addition as it is fibre and adds to the essential gut microflora. It is made up by mixing 15g powder per 1kg cooked food that is boiled and allowed to cool and can then be mixed into the food. The nutrient rich ‘icing’ can then be added to the top of the food, or also mixed in, but ensure that the food is cold when added to retain vital nutrients.


Weigh out all the chopped vegetables specific to your dog to add to the pressure cooker pot
Add all vegetables, drained beans, weighed dry lentils and dry brown rice  to the pressure cooker and cover with water. Set to cook for 10 minutes
Drain excess water and mash all the contents together once cooked
Bake on a lined tray in a preheated oven at 180C for 45 minutes
Remove food from the oven and allow to cool on a drying rack. Only once cooled, add nutrient-rich icing mixture
Fold the iced and baked food in sections or 'sandwich' portions
i-Veg feed the rainbow food packaged in biodegradable packaging for 3 days with Ruff vegan dog
Freeze portions and defrost as needed the night before

The tables below can only be viewed accurately on a laptop.
*If you wanted a printout tailormade to your dog of this recipe and another 4 delicious homemade recipes + JUST BE KIND supplement + other exciting extras, please fill out this form.*

Feed the Rainbow Recipe for 1-9kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 6 DAYS
Ingredients for 6 days1kg2kg3kg4kg5kg6kg7kg8kg9kg 
50/50 drained red kidney beans and cannelini beans120g240g350g450g550g450g550g650g700g
Sweet potato, kale, cabbage & button mushrooms90g150g250g350g450g300g350g350g400g
50% red lentils raw and 50% green lentils - dry30g60g90g120g150g125g125g150g150g
Brown rice - dry weight10g20g30g50g60g60g70g80g100g
Oats - dry weight10g20g30g50g60g50g50g50g60g
Number of omega 3 capsules112222222
Sunflower oil in g5g5g10g15g20g20g20g25g30g
Desiccated coconut5g10g20g20g20g20g20g30g40g
JUST BE KIND supplement10g20g25g30g40g45g50g55g60g
Feed the Rainbow Recipe for 10-19kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 3 DAYS
Ingredients for 3 days10kg11kg12kg13kg14kg15kg16kg17kg18kg19kg
50/50 drained red kidney beans and cannelini beans300g300g350g450g550g550g550g600g650g650g
Sweet potato, kale, cabbage & button mushrooms200g200g250g300g300g350g400g450g450g500g
50% red lentils raw and 50% green lentils - dry80g80g90g100g120g125g125g150g150g150g
Brown rice - dry weight50g50g55g55g60g60g70g70g70g80g
Oats - dry weight30g30g40g40g50g50g50g50g60g60g
Omega 3 capsules2222222333
Sunflower oil in grams15g15g15g20g20g20g25g30g35g35g
Desiccated coconut20g20g20g20g20g20g20g30g30g30g
JUST BE KIND supplement40g40g45g45g45g50g55g55g55g55g
Feed the Rainbow Recipe for 20-29kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 3 DAYS
Ingredients for 3 days20kg21kg22kg23kg24kg25kg26kg27kg28kg29kgs
50/50 drained red kidney & cannelini beans650g700g700g750g750g800g850g850g900g950g
Chopped sweet potato, kale, cabbage & mushrooms500g550g600g600g600g600g700g700g700g700g
50% red lentils raw & 50% green lentils dry150g150g150g200g200g200g200g250g250g250g
Brown rice - dry weight80g80g80g80g90g90g90g90g100g100g
Oats - dry weight60g60g60g60g70g70g70g70g70g70g
Omega 3 capsules3333333444
Sunflower oil in grams30g35g35g35g40g45g45g50g50g50g
Desiccated coconut30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g
JUST BE KIND supplement60g60g60g60g65g65g70g70g75g75g
Feed the Rainbow Recipe for 30-39kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 3 DAYS
Ingredients for every 3 days30kgs31kgs32kgs33kgs34kgs35kgs36kgs37kgs38kgs39kgs
50/50 drained red kidney & cannelini beans950g950g950g950g950g950g950g950g950g950g
Sweet potato, kale, cabbage & mushrooms700g700g700g750g750g800g800g850g850g900g
50% red lentils & 50% green lentils dry250g250g250g300g300g300g350g350g350g350g
Brown rice - dry weight100g100g100g100g100g100g120g120g120g130g
Oats - dry weight70g70g70g70g70g70g70g80g80g90g
Omega 3 capsules4444455555
Sunflower oil in grams45g45g50g50g55g60g60g65g65g70g
Desiccated coconut30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g
JUST BE KIND supplement75g75g80g85g85g85g85g85g90g90g
Feed the Rainbow Recipe for 40-49kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 2 DAYS
Ingredients for 2 days40kgs41kgs42kgs43kgs44kgs45kgs46kgs47kgs48kgs49kgs
50/50 drained red kidney & cannelini beans650g650g700g700g750g750g800g850g900g1000g
Sweet potato, kale, cabbage & mushrooms600g600g650g650g650g700g700g700g750g750g
50% red lentils & 50% green lentils raw 200g200g200g200g200g200g250g250g250g250g
Brown rice - dry weight80g90g90g100g100g100g120g120g120g130g
Oats - dry weight60g70g70g70g70g70g70g80g80g90g
Omega 3 capsules4444444444
Sunflower oil in grams40g40g45g45g45g50g50g55g55g60g
Desiccated coconut30g30g30g30g30g30g40g40g40g40g
JUST BE KIND supplement70g75g75g80g80g80g80g80g80g80g
Feed the Rainbow Recipe for 50-59kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 1 DAYS

Ingredients for 1 day50kgs51kgs52kgs53kgs54kgs55kgs56kgs57kgs58kgs59kgs60kgs
50/50 drained red kidney & cannelini beans550g550g550g600g600g600g650g650g650g700g700g
Sweet potato, kale, cabbage & mushrooms350g350g400g400g400g400g450g450g450g450g450g
50% red lentils & 50% green lentils raw125g130g130g130g140g140g140g150g150g150g150g
Brown rice - dry weight70g70g70g80g80g80g90g90g90g100g100g
Oats - dry weight40g40g50g50g50g50g60g60g60g60g60g
Omega 3 capsules22222222222
Sunflower oil in grams20g20g20g20g25g25g25g25g30g30g30g
Desiccated coconut20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g
JUST BE KIND supplement35g35g35g35g35g40g40g40g40g40g40g

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