This is the second time this year that vegan dog food has been mentioned on ITV news and we are just SO pleased that this clip mentions how important it is that a dog food is balanced, no matter what it is made up of.

We see little Rudy owned by Mark and Jack thoroughly enjoying his Hownd Plant-Powered Superfood and his owners mention how vital it is to them that Rudy is fed correctly and that they so rightly do not want any animals to be killed to feed their little pet.

They interview a Blue Cross vet who mentions about vegan dog foods containing the correct amount of Vit D3 and of a concern if they do not. This is such an important point and the reason why we only recommend these top foods for your dog as they contain the correct amount of plant-based Vit D3 according to FEDIAF requirements as well as all nutrients needed to be fully balanced and healthy –

The most reassuring was to finish the TV clip with an interview with our wonderful Prof Andrew Knight mentioning the intensive research he has carried out on over 4000 dogs and cats, and proving that vegan dog food is not only as healthy as the recommended foods we buy for our dogs, but in some cases, it can be even healthier (as the case with the foods we recommend above). He did not even get the chance to mention his latest published article that shows how the palatability of vegan dog foods are generally as tasty to our dogs as raw or meat-based diets – all such good news for our pets and our planet!

just be kind vegan dogs
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