Prof Andrew Knight has published proof for the very first time, proving that a vegan diet is as palatable to our dogs as meat-based or even raw meat-based foods!

The palatability of a plant-based diet is such a huge consideration for us as dog owners as the feeding of our pets is such an emotional decision based on the love we have for our pets balanced with a need to ensure that we are feeding them correctly.

We have to commend Prof Andrew Knight for this extensive study, by far the largest of its kind, that surveyed 4,060 dog and cat owners with the following results:

– Plant-based pet foods appear to be enjoyed as much as meat-based diets.
– Study shows no difference for animals between plant-based and meat-based diets.
– Plant-based pet foods do not compromise animal welfare, provided other determinants of welfare, such as nutritional requirements, are adequately provided.
“This is truly groundbreaking. It has long been believed that cats and dogs need to eat other animals for their own health, but what they really need is the right nutrients, which can be manufactured using plant-based, yeast, synthetic and mineral sources. This study shows that cats and dogs appear equally happy when fed vegan meals. We’ve become accustomed to buying meat-based pet food by default – it’s become a habit – but we know now that it’s not a necessity.” says Jimmy Pierson, Director, ProVeg UK.

Poppy transitioned from a raw diet to a 100% plant-based diet and the video shown is proof of how much she loves her vegan diet!

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