Veganuary is a disaster on our waistlines if you are already vegan! I have already been tempted into buying Lidl’s pizza and vegan schnitzel new range, Aldi’s vegan croissants and petit-pains, and Costa’s new pecan and chocolate slice  – all there to tempt non-vegans into changing their ways, but it is even worse for us with a sweet tooth who also crave those processed high calorie foods we love!

The same is true for our dogs! The range of amazing new vegan dog foods that came out in 2021 that are even more palatable than the meat-based dry foods and tins; has meant that it can be hard to maintain our pet’s weight as they love the food too much! We also love to see our pets enjoying their food and so we tend to feed that bit too much as happened with  little Simba and Charlie Chops.

Overweight vegan pomeranian called Simba

Keeping our dogs and ourselves as healthy as possible with a high nutrient immune-boosting plant-based diet is achievable and not only that – extremely enjoyable! But, we need to limit the amount of food that we are feeding.

We have chosen to share dear little Simba’s weight loss story and the advice given as it may echo your own experience –

Dear Vegan Vet
“I am having a few issues with my Pomeranian’s weight, we currently can’t feel his backbone. I just wanted to enquire if you had any weight loss tips ? Any advice would be much appreciated. He is 3 years old and neutered. He eats Green Crunch kibble which he absolutely loves the taste of. We only switched over about 2 months ago from Veggie Dog kibble. He is not the most active boy at home however he walks for about 45 mins everyday.”

My reply –

Thank you for your query and yes, I can give some advice to help your little Pomeranian. It seems that the change of food to Green Crunch may be the cause? I imagine that you are like me, and so happy to find a diet that your little dog loves, so you have been feeding probably a bit more than you should?
Green Crunch is particularly palatable and we all love to see our dogs eating and enjoying their food:)
I imagine too that he may be receiving extra treats with the winter, christmas and stress of the pandemic? He is so tiny so even a bit of potato that you may not have eaten, or odd bit of pasta, or even his bought treats and dental chews are all the equivalent of us eating 1/2 a packet of digestive biscuits as he is so small.
Try using the Green Crunch as his treats. Weigh out the amount he needs each day and give them as treats when he would normally expect a treat. Make a game out of feeding him – hide the food and use activity mats or snuffle blankets.
Arielle (Vegan Vet)
Good Afternoon Arielle,

Thank you so much for the advice. It really does mean a lot to me as I understand how important it is for my Pom to lose weight and we have been struggling for a little while. You are definitely correct in thinking that Simba loves his Green Crunch more than anything and I didn’t realise until you stated how much we were just giving it to him in his bowl. Over christmas he has definitely been receiving more treats especially when everyone is at home it’s hard to keep track of who’s giving him food.

I had no idea that such a little amount of food would equate to so much for him. We will definitely start measuring out his food and it as treats and I am just going to order a snuffle mat to provide him with that extra bit of mental stimulation while he is eating.

He is a very cheeky little lad who loves to rule the house with his overwhelming cuteness. Thank you again for the advice.

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