My biggest regret as a vet is that I did not become a vegan earlier in my life, and that I did not feed our darling elderly crossbreed Labrador Slick a vegan diet and treat her with kind sustainable medication in her golden years over 5 years ago now!

I will not make that mistake with our little Ruff and he is not only being fed the best vegan dog food, but he is having the best vegan natural medication that I have sourced for him and his little wonky joints as he now enters his golden years.

EcoPetMeds Vegan Vet Advice

I am sharing all my research with you so that you too can medicate and make simple changes that could be lifechanging to your pet…..

There is no need to use fish anymore as a source of Omega 3 in our pets  – all those precious deep sea cod and their important livers full of oil need to be left in the deep ocean to feed the bigger fish. The kindest Omega 3 source is from Algae oil where fish get their nutrients from – all sustainably grown in huge bioreactors on land (the clever Dutch and Norwegians!)

We have been able to source the Algae oil with the highest amount of DHA and EPA that is for use in children and perfectly safe for our pets. We highly recommend Vegetology Opti 3 capsules as the most cost-effective and very tasty to our pets!

We share in which is the best long term supplement for your dog’s joints with a wonderful ethical new company that launched in September 2021 producing delicious tasting joint supplement chews – Taré Pets Hip & Joint Supplements 

But it’s not all about what we put into our dog’s food that is important, we also advise on the kindest way to help your pet live a long and healthy life with such simple advice such as placing non-slip mats on all your slippery floors, or using a ramp to prevent your dog from jumping and damaging ligaments. All of these will save you so much in veterinary bills, as our ultimate goal is for our dogs to live as long as possible with a healthy plant-based diet.

just be kind vegan dogs
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