Natural, Kind Treatments For Dogs With Arthritis

**Please note that we provide links to the most cost-effective vegan supplements and support for your dog. We are here to fully support you with supplements we use on our own family dog**

Tare Pet
Taré Pets Joint & Bone Chondroitin & Glucosamine Soft Chews
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Taré Pets Joint & Bone Supplements launched in 2021 and took 2 years to develop with the manufacturers ensuring that every ingredient was sourced as sustainably as possible, right down to the packaging. These very palatable vegan soft chews are packed with nutrients to support your dog’s joints over their lifetime.

They contain (per 4g chew) 450mg Glucosamine HCl, 250mg Linseed Powder, 140mg Vit C, 125mg Chondroitin (as plant-based Phytodroitin), 62.5mg Marine Algae Calcium, 5mg Hyaluronic Acid, 2μg Vit D3 and more

These ingredients all combine to offer your pets natural joint pain relief in a very tasty soft chew that can be given as a ‘treat’ to your dog they are that delicious. Highly recommended!

Tare Pets Joint and Bone Soft Chews

Buy Tare Pets Joint and Bone Soft Chews here!


Vegetology Algae oil Omega 3 for vegan dogs
Why Vegetology Opti 3 Omega 3 capsules for arthritis?
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Omega 3’s in our pets have a number of essential roles such as supporting a healthy immunity as well as a super-soft coat, but high levels of natural Omega 3 are also vital in acting as natural anti-inflammatories in the painful joints of our pets. Omega 3 fatty acids in dogs have to be EPA and DHA rather than alpha linolenic acid (ALA) which they don’t utilise well (as found in flaxseeds).

We have chosen Vegetology Omega 3 Algae Oil capsules as they are very cost-effective compared to all the other brands of Omega 3 capsules, and dogs really love the taste! It also contains 2.5μg of pure plant-based Vit D3 in every capsule so is ideal for dogs being fed a natural wholefood plant-based diet.



Vegetology Algae oil Omega 3 for vegan dogs

golden paste
See Homemade Golden Paste Recipe Below
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Many owners choose to feed their dogs natural plant-based sources of anti-inflammatories such as found in turmeric and black pepper. It is possible to make your own mixture of Golden Paste with turmeric and the dose to feed would be 1 tsp twice daily for an average 25kg dog. Read more about how much turmeric is safe to use in humans here.

How to Make Golden Paste

60g turmeric powder
250 – 500ml water
1.5 tsp ground black pepper
70ml cold pressed Extra Virgin Coconut oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you prefer to buy some ready-made Golden Paste made up of turmeric, cold pressed coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, ceylon cinnamon, black pepper, citric acid and potassium sorbate, it can be purchased here for just £7.99

golden paste

Purchase Golden Paste here for just £7.99

ramp for dogs
Why a non-slip ramp is the best investment you can make
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Like non-slip mats, this is possibly one of simplest and most effective investments that you can make for your pet – a ramp to support your dog’s joints when they climb onto their favourite sofa, bed or into the car!

Ramps prevent the jolting action on the knees when they spring onto the sofa or into the car. The impact of your dog’s full weight is felt in their knee or stifle joints and many dogs suffer from ligament rupture or damage from jumping. The amount you will save in veterinary bills from having a £35.95 ramp in your home and car is definitely worth it!

The simplicity of a ramp prevents injury while they are young and as they get older, it allows them a pain-free way of still being able to climb up next to you on the sofa or go into the boot of the car without any form of pain or discomfort  – an investment definitely worth making that is both kind, simple and effective for the lifetime of your pet!

ramp for dogs

Buy a non-slip convenient ramp here for only £35.95!

non-slip mats
Why are non-slip mats invaluable for our pets?
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This is possibly one of simplest and most effective investments that you can make for your pet – non slip mats on all those slippery floors in your home! It is so important when your puppy grows to allow the joints to develop fully without them slipping on floors daily when they get excited or jump up or do zoomies – this can be very damaging on growing joints especially hips, and lead to painful arthritis when older.

Having non-slip mats down on your kitchen floor and hallways is the kindest and simplest support that you can give to your elderly dog who may still have the energy to jump and run around and any slipping again can impact so badly on already sore, swollen joints – whether in the knees, hips or even in their front legs.

There are very reasonably priced non-slip mats available as shown here for under £13, or you could consider investing in more expensive and stylish washable turtle mats as shown being modelled by rescue Greyhound June below. These have lasted June’s owners over 9 years and been through so many washes and their value in supporting June and her sister April’s joints in that lifetime is priceless!

non-slip mats

Purchase durable stylish turtle mats here to support your dog’s joints


Treatments for Digestive and Anal Gland Problems

Read about PROKOLIN Paste below
Vet Advice Here
When transitioning our dogs from meat-based to plant-based diets, we do expect some digestive upsets as plant-based dog foods whether processed or homemade, contain so much more fibre. Even once transitioned, you may still have the occasional tummy upset with your dog that worries you enough to want to treat them.

Giving a vet recommended probiotic paste that contains natural pectins to bind their faeces and soothe their gut lining definitely helps. Pro-kolin contains no animal products (but is artificially beef flavoured with soya) and it contains probiotic Enterococcus faecium, kaolin, prebiotic – acacia gum, soya oil, pectin and dextrose.

The dose to give is 5ml daily for a 15-30kg dog divided over 3 doses on their food and it is best to give for 3 consecutive days.


Buy Prokolin paste here

Buddy & Lola happy tummy
Buddy & Lola Happy Tummy Instant
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If your plant-based dog suffers from a bout of vomitting and diarrhoea (as all dogs do regardless of what they eat), we do advise you make a soothing vegetable broth of boiled celery, squash, green beans, fresh parsley & oregano with a little bit of added salt and either just give them the broth to drink or blend it together to make a mash and feed with small amounts of cooked white rice.

If you have no time to make a broth, another option, is to give them an electrolyte mixture to replace lost salts from the vomitting as well as containing natural clay (bentonite) that helps to bind up the faeces of your pet as found in Buddy and Lola’s Happy Tummy Instant.

Buddy & lola Happy tummy

Buy Buddy & Lola Happy Tummy Instant here


Fleetful Umameo
Help anal gland problems
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Anal gland issues in our pets are so common – less so in plant-based dogs as their diets tend to be high in fibre, but some dogs seem to always have bouts of ‘scooting’ their bottom on the ground or leaky glands that release a strong odour and often distress both you and your dog.

A dog’s glands are expressed everytime your dog passes faeces (scent marking) and sometimes even just a short bout of soft poo or diarrhoea can result in the glands becoming blocked and painful.

If this is a regular occurrence that your dog’s glands keep blocking as seen in our smaller breeds, then it is worth trying to add bran regularly to their food. Another option is to add some of Fleetful’s Umameo protein powder as a topper. It contains added natural organic nutrients and fibre (psyllium husks) and can be made into delicious treats (the recipe is posted in the thoughtfully packaged and boxed pack), or it can just be added directly onto your dog’s food daily as it is very palatable.

Vegan dog Fleet eating Umameo Fleetful powder

Buy Fleetful Umameo Protein Powder Treat or Topper Here


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