Summer is definitely here so enjoy it with your dog

It’s such a great time of the year to get out and about with your dog, whether travelling on holiday (see our travel tips if going abroad as there are new regulations that will benefit your vegan dog:), or just enjoying time together at home.

If the heat becomes too much, we are a big fan of fans! Place a damp towel over your dog, allow them to choose cool uncarpetted floors to lie on and keep a fan on them to prevent overheating.

This is especially important for any dogs that may suffer from hypothyroidism – a very common condition resulting in an underactive thyroid, but it also means that your dog is not as efficient as other dogs in controlling their own body temperature.

Although long fur can protect dogs from the heat by providing an ‘insulating layer’, we always choose to have our little Ruff ‘shorn’ at this time. He is a rescue from Cyprus and definitely knows his heritage as he adores the sun and lies out in it but being so dark, he absorbs even more heat than normal!!

Vegan vet's plant-based dog Ruff with son having had summer haircut

What cool summer vegan treats do we recommend?

Carrot frozen ice lolly

Use a raw carrot and half dip it into pure peanut butter and freeze. On a warm day these make ideal ‘doggy ice lollies’! Limit the amount for small dogs.

Extra nutritious ice cubes

Never throw away any nutrient rich water when homecooking any vegetables or wholegrains for your dog. Keep this water and add to ice cube trays and give these super-healthy ‘treats’ to your dog to lick on a hot day! If concerned about it being too cold for your dog, add the ice cube to some water in their bowl.

Frozen healthy ice cream

Blend together coconut yoghurt and mango and freeze. Delicious for both you and your dog!

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