Floyd Anne Heritage

Bramble the vegan dog who wanted to live forever
We already have proof from Bramble, the UK’s first vegan dog who lived until she was 25 (!) as well as these words from devoted vegan and animal lover Anne Heritage – “I’ve had seven dogs – three of them lived to 19-years-old, one lived to 20-years-old (a German Shepherd), and then Bramble lived to 25-years-old.

Floyd (shown in the photo who lived to the age of 20, was a Collie x Spaniel, and she ate the same diet as Bramble; grains, lentils, organic vegetables, plant proteins and B12 source…Floyd was a really clever girl…she understood human language very well and was good at making herself understood also; we had an almost telepathic bond created by both of us being really in tune with each other.

Apart from her own humans, she had no time for people at all…just didn’t rate them. She had a very good sense of humour too. She was the first dog I ever took care of and she was a bit of a doggy genius; they’re all clever, but Floyd was exceptionally intelligent.

She died years ago, but I still miss her every day” shares Anne Heritage. Floyd, a forerunner of vegan-eating dogs, lived in the late 70’s.

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