I watched a programme on BBC 1 one Sunday night where Chris Packham goes on a favourite walk in the Hampshire countryside and he speaks about his life and his memories. I was totally entranced in that hour as he spoke with such complete honesty about how the deaths of the beloved Poodles he has had over the years have impacted his life.

We can all connect with this and I know that the loss of our pets have also deeply affected me. This programme and his words prompted me to action. I have always held Chris Packham in such high regard with everything that he stands for, so I sent him some top quality vegan food food to try on Sid and Nancy who I knew were raw fed even though Chris is a staunch vegan.

Chris Packham and Poodle Sid with Solo Vegetal and Green Crunch from Just be Kind

When he replied with this e-mail  “Arielle
Thanks for the package
We’ve tried the tins and both of the very picky poodles wolfed it down! Makes a change!
We will try the rest now we’ve done the photo
Thank you
Best Chris” and he published the photo to all his social media accounts; I don’t think he realised what an enormous environmental impact he would have!

Suddenly we had SO many dogs wanting to try plant-based and keen to transition and let their own dogs try the food that Sid and Nancy ‘wolfed down’.

just be kind vegan dog food logo

Shown below are some of the dogs who signed up for our top sample boxes in just 24 hours after Chris Packham’s post!! If these loved dogs transition to plant based and stick with it over their lifetime, the saving of animal life and the reduction in environmental impact from them being 100% meat-based (and many raw fed) to now being plant-based is enormous! (and we haven’t even touched on the impact that these dogs going plant-based would have on their health:)

Flint is 2 years old and very fussy and currently eats high meat Aatu
Buddy the Beagle from Straford Upon Avon loves cheese bites and currently eats Bella and Duke raw food
Dilly is 9 with a sensitive tummy and she eats mainly premium chicken and vegetable food by Encore
Oti from Dundee has an itchy skin so she currently eats Naturo grain free
Alfie and Ted are both rescues from Preston who eat cheesy treats and a wet meat-based diet
Pablo from Darlington currently eats V-Dog flakes with some water
Rufus from Coventry is 10 years old and he eats a mixture of wet and dry foods
11 year old Flo does have some food intolerances and currently eats Honey's raw food
Billie from Essex is 6 and she currently loves toast and egg and eats Natures menu raw food
Penelope Peanut from Norfolk is 8 and she currently eats supermarket own brands wet and dry meat-based foods
Wiggo is 10 years old and he currently eats Bonio treats, Nature's menu raw and Harringtons
Ruaridh from Bognor currently eats vegan dry kibble with meat wet food and his owner would like to transition him to full vegan
Jessie from Devizes is currently raw fed and she loves her soft meaty treats
14 month old Howie from Bristol currently eats organic chicken and Lily's Kitchen chicken food
Sid from Kent eats Royal Canin and Caesar
Melon from London has been eating insect-based food Yora but she has gone right off it and her vegan owners want to try her on plant-based
Scooby is 6 and he loves running and is currently raw fed
Humphrey is 4 and he loves his woodland walks and currently eats dry and tinned meat based foods
Dotti is a registered therapy pat dog and she eats mainly premium chicken and vegetable food by Encore
Hank and Loulou are both rescues with itchy and scratchy skins so they currently eat  Lukkulus wet food salmon & chicken
Lexi from Wales currently eats Bakers wet food
8 year old Ted eats cheesy bites and is raw fed with Nature's Menu
4 year old Nelson currently eats Omni dry food but enjoys wet food too
Pablo from Leicester has been eating Royal Canin Bichon/Maltese food
just be kind vegan dogs