We appreciate that the quantities recommended to cook in our homemade recipes for your giant breed dogs are challenging. We always advise cooking for more than one day but if your dog is particularly large, or you are cooking for 2 large dogs, then it makes sense to cook once a day, and invest in a pressure cooker.

It is not advisable to bake the food as shown in our recipes for smaller dogs, but rather just feed it once it has been mashed or blended with the nutrient rich ‘icing’ on the top like a lid (once the food is cooled).

irish wolfhound

The only concern with this is that dogs do not particularly like ‘mashed food’ with the consistency of ‘mushy peas’. Most wet dog tinned food is quite slimey as dogs far prefer this ‘smoother’ texture.


We have the solution…….

Add in 15g per 1 kg cooked food of boiled and then cooled Agar Agar powder to the mashed food. Agar agar is a plant-based natural thickener that is used in Asian cuisine (particularly desserts) to give food a slimier consistency. It is ideal for fussy dogs who do not like mushy food and it has the added benefit of being 80% fibre so very effective to help the gut microbiome.


Gorgeous boy Hank is enjoying his homemade Umami Recipe that his Mum Shirley made for him

just be kind vegan dogs
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