Sue (Bea’s owner) sent us details about her sweet Bea – a 12 year old Golden Retriever who suffered from arthritis, loved any treats, ate Harringtons and went for a 30 minute walk (or swim) daily.

She then followed it up with an e-mail to us that we found so touching and with her permission are sharing with you –

This is beautiful Bea. I’ve been vegan myself since 2006 and always wanted to do the same for my dogs but to be honest I was listening to too many people who were telling me how cruel I was being. Having lost my husband and two dogs in the last couple of years I no longer listen to others but do my own research. I just want to do the very best for the best companion anyone could wish for.
Kind regards
12 year old golden retriever Bea whose owner wants to change her to a plant-based dog food diet

We have written an article in our FAQ section as what people think is a very big concern to so many dog owners and is potentially stopping owners such a Sue from making their own minds up about their pet’s nutrition. Sue is exactly the sort of owner we are determined to support and help as best we can with as much reassurance as possible that feeding a balanced plant-based diet is indeed one of the healthiest and kindest ways to feed our pets.

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Sweet Breta survived cancer

Sweet Breta survived cancer

We asked the top vet oncologist in the country and owner of gorgeous labrador Jumble for her opinion on whether a vegan diet could protect our dogs from cancer

Our Gamechangers Connection

Our Gamechangers Connection

We are so proud to say that our little unit that we hire to hold all the wonderful VEGDOG food and supplement that we import, is owned by none other than the wonderful and very dignified Gary Wilks

Why a subscription site?

Why a subscription site?

Only by convincing vets that it is the way forward, will we together have any success as plant-based feeders of ensuring that it becomes a very viable and superior option to feeding our dogs

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