vegan golden retriever licking owner's hand

According to an article published in the Veterinary Record 30th March 2019, ‘An online survey in 2019 revealed that around one in three owners may be willing to consider switching to a vegan diet for their pet in the future’ – these results are staggering considering how many dogs there are in the UK; and SO encouraging to all of us as pet owners and all of us who care about the welfare of farmed animals and climate change!

View the full article courtesy of Vet Record. Just be reassured by these figures that if the demand is out there, then more plant-based foods should be flooding the market – this is our full intention as every business now has the possibility of going out of business according to Sir Alan Sugar if they do not offer a vegan option – and that should include pet food companies and any petcare businesses of any sort.

just be kind vegan dogs
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