Graze choc flapjack

Today’s Small Memories

I happened to bump into a very dear friend who I have not seen for many years while at the self checkout in Sainsbury (buying the delicious food shown in the photo). The last time I saw her, I was shocked that she appeared to pale and tired and sad – she had been diagnosed with leukaemia and the treatment was not successful.

Today’s chance meeting could not have been more different – she was smiling and back to her cheerful lovely self and I was thrilled to hear that her next round of treatment had been a success. She works at the nursery that my daughter went to so many years ago (my daughter now about to start writing her final A-level exams tomorrow) and I am so pleased for her that she back caring for the little ones again and that she is well – how wonderful research and medical development is!

This is what I have eaten today –

Breakfast –

  • Cup of Tic Toc redbush tea with soya milk
  • Bowl of rolled oats with milled linseed and blueberries and soya milk
  • Chia seeds sprinkled
  • 1 hrt tablet
  • 2 Algae Omega 3 capsules

Mid-morning sitting in sun –

  • Green smoothie made with frozen kale & spinach, 1 banana and soya milk blended
  • 3 quinoa Ryvita crackers


  • Bowl Tesco popcorn
  • 2 peaches
  • Slice rye bread with Flora spread and almond butter

Mid-afternoon snack –

  • 1 apple
  • 1 banana
  • Cup caramel redbush tea with oatmilk frothed
  • 1 Graze chocolate flapjack shown in picture – left 1/3 for my daughter
  • 2 Jacob’s crackers pepper
  • Bowl almonds and raisins


  • Tofu cooked slowly in beer, onions, raisins and Flora
  • Rice and maggi seasoning
  • Roast new potatoes
  • Broccoli and sugar snap beans
  • Coconut yoghurt with 1 passion fruit
  • Aldi’s own square 85% dark chocolate
  • Cup mint tea
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