heartRescue Bruno Loves Benevo!

Bruno is an 8 year old Staffy who had been in a rescue centre for some time due to being an ‘elderly boy’, but his new owners were won over when they saw him and he settled in so well to his new home in Cheshire. I met him via a Zoom teleconsult and he won me over too – in just 2 weeks, the adoration he had for his 2 new owners was so heartwarming to see!

He had not been badly treated, he had been looked after well, but came from a home with a large number of dogs and he was used to being fed on cheap tinned meat-based dog food and table scraps in his previous home.

His new owners adopted him knowing that they wanted him to be plant-based to fit in with their sustainable lifestyle and eat the way they did. They tried cooking for him – delicious homemade food kindly prepared by them and full of wholefood ingredients, but all that Bruno wanted to eat was Benevo cat/dog tinned food.

His ‘food association’ was processed food from a tin as that is what he had been used to all his life!

just be kind vegan dogs
Vegan rescue dog Bruno

benevo cat and dog tinsHis new owners were aware that Benevo tinned food had ‘complete’ written on the side of the tin, but they realised too that it was marketed at both dogs and cats that are completely different species with different nutritional requirements so either your dog or your cat would be missing out on valuable nutrients when fed on Benevo.

They were also very well aware that Benevo did not contain any Vit D3, or Methionine (an amino acid that helps to acidify the digestive and urinary tract environment and prevents stones forming in susceptible dogs). This did concern them, until I mentioned that the perfect solution was to supplement the Benevo tinned food that Bruno loved with our JUST BE KIND supplement (given at just half the recommended dose for homecooking, and sprinkled on his food or mixed in), as well as Algae oil capsules from Vegetology for valuable Omega 3 anti-inflammatory properties, and plant-based Vit D3.

benevo grain free traysThe Benevo Grain-free trays, are even less lacking in important nutrients as they do not contain Taurine and L-Carnitine for adequate heart function on a plant-based diet, so definitely need supplementing too.

This combination of Benevo, JUST BE KIND supplement and Vegetology capsules (1 a day for Bruno and he loves them), is enough to ensure that all nutrients are then available and should hugely benefit Bruno’s future health…..and keep him happy with a food that he loves!


Small dogs – 5 – 10kgs – 1tsp daily on food
Medium dogs – 11 – 25kgs – 2tsp daily on food
Large Dogs – 30kgs+ – 1tbsp daily on food


“Thank you so much for the advice you gave us regarding feeding Bruno by adding the supplement to the Benevo tinned food that he loves. His coat is so shiny after only a few weeks, and he is full of energy!
We are just so pleased with our rescue boy looking so happy!”

Bhavna, Warrington

Bruno's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs
James Wilks Surprises Vegan Vet!!

James Wilks Surprises Vegan Vet!!

I would never have released this video……had it not been for an amazing surprise visitor  – James Wilks from Gamechangers visiting the UK with his son!!!

Chris Packham’s amazing impact

Chris Packham’s amazing impact

Thanks for the package
We’ve tried the tins and both of the very picky poodles wolfed it down! Makes a change!
Best Chris”

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